PASTOR: As it is written in

the bible

AKPOS: As dem yarn 4

PASTOR: Jesus entered the
boat with his disciples!

AKPOS: NA im Jesus cum
enta canoe with im padi

PASTOR: As the boat was sailing there was a great storm!!!

AKPOS: As the canoe dey go, na in yawa cum gas!!!

PASTOR: The storm was so
great that it was like a
whirl wind.

AKPOS: As the yawa dey,
na im kansala cum burst.

PASTOR: The disciples
became so afraid and they
shouted master master

AKPOS: Na im liva fail im
padi dem, na im dem begin
Hala bros eh! bros eh!

PASTOR: Jesus got up and
calmed down the wind!

AKPOS: Na im Jesus rise up
cum arrange d yawa!

PASTOR: He turned to his
disciples and said, oh ye
with little faith!

AKPOS: Na so Jesus luk im padi dem shake im head say UNA FALL MA HAND

PASTOR: The disciples
replied and said what
manner of man is this?

AKPOS: Im padi dem cum
hala sho!!! Bros J which
kan levels na? U B WINCH? 

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