First Of All Buy A New Mtn Sim And Register IT. 
Please Dont Call Any Number With The New Line. 
After Migrate To Mtn Family And Friends By Dialing *407# .

Then Load N250 Via YourPhone And Set Your Time To 0:00 And Date 12/12/2015
Go To Your message, 

Leave 3 Space And Type 2H Send To 131
Then Remove Sim and Put In Your Modem Browse And Make Sure You Finish 
The 150mb Within The 2hrs Still Connected To The Modem, 

If Your Browser Is Not Working Again, And You Don't See message From Mtn, Know That You Have Exhausted Your 150mb, 

Please Don't Disconnect Your Modem. Just Go To Message And Type 2 Send To 131, You Will See TheMessage Of You Exhausted Your 2hrs Plan. Then Type Reset And Send To 131 Do The Reset Thing AtLeast 5 Times. Do Not Disconnect IT YET, 
Check Your Browser, The Stuff Will Pickup, 
Then You Are Browsing Again.
I am sharing this as a way of saying thanks to all those who called and added me on whatsapp, requesting for MTN cheat.....
i do hope it works for you !!!

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