Solution To Cultism In Nigerian Schools

So today on, i want to talk about cultism once again and this time, i am going to make a list of 5 possible solutions to cultism in Nigerian Schools both primary and tertiary institutions.

The most acceptable of all facts still remains that when there is a problem, there will always exist some practical ways of solving it. Cultism in our institutions of learning is not an exception. The only necessary ingredient is determination, political will and consistency on the part of the authorities concerned.

#1. Cultism perpetuates itself in our campuses through a consistent policy on initiation of our freshmen (new intakes or new students). This chain must be broken and a consistent orientation program could do this by the institution before the old students (possible cultists) are called to resume the new session. A situation whereby the old students are already on campus before the freshmen encourage the perpetrators of cultism on our campuses. Attendance and participation in such orientation programs should be a sine-qua-non for examination and if possible, 20 marks should be awarded to the orientation exercise for the freshmen. This will ensure full participation of students. This should be taken seriously.

#2.The fear of God: the inculcation of the fear of God into the hearts of the youths is very important. The fear of GOD gives genuine strong, truthful and beneficial behavior to anyone. Lecturers must not victimize students for whatever reason. Lecturers must not be involved in illicit affairs with the students. This evil is detrimental to the academia. There is no one yet who has not acknowledged God, if we do, let us therefore live our lives under the canopy of the fear of God. This will go a long way in warding off cultism.

#3. Anyone who is involved in cultism should be expelled outright as it is being done in most institutions in Nigeria. There should be no sacred cow in the system. Once expelled, affected students should be published in at least 2 national newspapers.

#4. Guidance and counseling units in our institutions should be strengthened and the students encouraged to attending counseling sessions. There should be a cordial relationship between this unit and students.

#5. There should be a regular monitoring of all registered clubs and associations. Our research has revealed that a lot of cult groups operate under the guise of registered social clubs on campus. The parameters for monitoring should include time of meetings. Groups that usually meet later than 7.00pm should be monitored, as this could be suspicious in motives. Composition of membership of these clubs should be observed and checked. This is because some of these disguised cult groups are unisexual in composition. This is also a danger signal that must be checked……

Now I have listed the 5 most effective solutions to cultism, you can share with others via any of the social media icons below this post.

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