Abuja - With his latest single Ice Prince has extended the list of big names from the hip-hop world that he has collaborated with.

The Chocolate City rapper recently collaborated with American lyricist Joell Ortiz for his new single, Nigeria Entertainment Today reports.

The single is titled “Can I Talk?” and will be released next week.
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Today i just sat down i thinking of way to browse free.
And at the end i come with this cheat,which i tink it wil help u guys.
Did You Know That You Can Use N250 To Browse For A Week And still get back Your money?

I know the next question question would be  "how will i get back my money"?
But it is very simple as A.B.C
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How to subscribe to Glo Bounce

                                                GLO BOUNCE
Are you a GLO subscriber? or you have thrown away your sim card because of their high cost of data? i think this is high time for you now to buy another sim card because this is absolutely and its what I've been using for over two weeks now and i see no reason why it wont work for you.
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Blackberry Subscription Codes for all Networks in Nigeria

Nigeria has a lot of blackberry users under different networks. However, the choice of service varies and often times, getting these codes is hard, getting the codes is very hard as even the so-called MTN, GLO, ETISALAT  and AIRTEL call centers are usually hard to connect. with this post, it will be easier to get these codes and relieve yourself from the stress of calling without the hope of being answered. So enjoy the codes, write them down, memorize them and use them well!!!

Blackberry Internet Service (BIS) Validity Price Benefits Activation Code
BIS Unlimited – Monthly 30 Days N3000 10 email accounts, 1 Blackberry email account, BBM, Unlimited Internet access, Social Networking, BlackBerry App world.
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Nobody has been able  to figure out Cossy, at least, not completely. She is a lady we have known for too long and too well. She started out as a video model, then walked the ropes in Nollywood and now seems to be doing more of music, which seems to suit her just fine. Cossy has said music is actually her first love and the release of her first album ‘Nutty Queen’ was a good way to prove it.
Seeing the video, of course, would get you saying “It’s Cossy alright”, there is so much of the bulbous boobs doing their thing as usual, not to talk of the strip tease, that came with so much flashing of laps, and with what appeared to be a trick with the gluteus maximus area, gaping out of their confines, but all scored a point- erotica.
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Why Nigerian Students Failed Jamb Examinations

Listed below are top 10 reasons why most Nigerian students failed the just concluded Jamb examinations. Those who are yet to enroll are advised to beware of these reasons in order to be able to overcome failure in their examinations.
1. Fear:

According to H.P. Lovecraft, Supernatural Horror in Literature, He said that "The oldest and strongest emotion of mankind is fear, and the oldest and strongest kind of fear is fear of the unknown", Seriously speaking, i was afraid then, the fear of Jamb made me to think if i was going into Do or Die Affair. i could also remember vividly that very day of the examination it took me about 10 minutes before i could even start shading some answer all because i was afraid to even start somewhere. Fear contributed to my failure. So my fellow students, Be bold, courageous and never you think of failure in your jamb examination. Jamb is just like a normal examination but very tricky

2. Jamb Syllabus:
It might sound funny but i bet you, Jamb follow some syllabus topicsin setting up their examination questions, Then i was busy going to extra moral class, thinking i will grab everything within 3 months but i was disappointed when i got into the examination hall. So i advice all students that will be sitting for Jamb 2014 to at least get tips about all the topics jamb listed in their syllabus.
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