How to subscribe to Glo Bounce

                                                GLO BOUNCE
Are you a GLO subscriber? or you have thrown away your sim card because of their high cost of data? i think this is high time for you now to buy another sim card because this is absolutely and its what I've been using for over two weeks now and i see no reason why it wont work for you.

How To get subscribe for Glo bounce

1. Migrate to GLO G-BAM or GLO bounce by dialing *100*5*1# or *170*4# respectively.

2. Load a sum of N100 only.

3. Subscribe to instant by dialing *127*51#

4. Now if u are using android pone on your
data connection and never have it in plan of
turning it off again

5. For java phone user launch whatsapp to
consume data and start browsing

6. Do not turn off the data connection nor
exiting your whatsapp till the schedule to

7. Keep browsing you’ll never be
disconnected, so keeping your data for years is absolutely adviceable.

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