Real Madrid's out-going manager, Carlo Ancelotti
Carlo Ancelotti, manager of the Spanish league silver winner for the 2014/2015 season has been confirmed sacked.

the 55 year Italian legend led Real Madrid to victory in the 2014 edition of Spanish league before claiming the club's 10th European cup last season.

His vacant position will henceforth be overtaken by Napoli boss Rafael Benitez once the Italian season ends.

most key players were greatly affected with the sudden decision of the club's executives and many of them lamented as they took to their Twitter handles to express the vacuum his departure has left in their hearts.

on his twitter account, Perez said as i quote below:

"what did Ancelotti do wrong? idont know, "the demands here at real madris are high. the affection that the players and fans have for Carlo is the same as the affection i myself have for him" 
I remember what happened to Manchester united when they lost a long time boss of theirs, talking about Sir Alex Ferguson, it was like hell for Manchester united and up till now, the vacuum he left is yet to be filled. I just hope such a situation will not befall Real Madrid. 

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