Cheap Iphone 6 and where to get it

win iphone6
While every online shop tries to offer thrilling deals that will save you money, very few can actually make good on their claims, and even fewer can guarantee that you'll have fun doing it.
Well, the deals are still out there, and many are scooping them up from a new online auction website called QuiBids that’s figured out how to sell all the must-have products for prices that are so jaw dropping, you’ll find them hard to believe.

QuiBids' product selection runs from the latest Apple products — like the new iPhone 6 as well as iPads, iPods, and MacBooks — to high-definition televisions, gift cards to top retailers, and much more. To name a few recent sale prices of items like this, a New Apple iPhone 6 recently sold for $54.03, a Kindle Fire recently sold for $25.32, and a HP Laptop recently sold for $33.33.
With such great prices, it’s natural to be skeptical – so we did some research to learn exactly how they do it.
It happens to be, that the deals are real.  To understand how these deals are possible, you first have to understand QuiBids.  Here’s how it works: QuiBids' auction model differs from the traditional auction format by charging sixty cents to its customers every time they bid. The amount collected for all the bids enables the company to sell the product at a price that’s far below any retail price you’ll find on the web.
While winning an auction is a huge thrill, strategizing over when to bid and how many bids to commit to a particular auction is a ton of fun too. Every time a user bids, no more than 20 seconds is added to the auction clock, and the last person to bid when the clock runs out claims the right to purchase the item at the discounted price. CEO Matt Beckham said that QuiBids is growing rapidly, and that their number of customers now reaches into the millions. “This is a new type of shopping that appeals to a mass audience.  Consumers expect more when they shop these days and QuiBids offers that,” he said.
For an auction winner, the true cost of an item won at auction is a bit higher than the final auction price because of the amount the auction winner spent bidding to win. But it’s typically modest, and even after bids, most winners save at least 75% off retail.
But what happens to all the people who bid in an auction but didn’t win? They actually have a Buy Now option, to purchase the product at the listed price, minus the value of the bids they placed. So as long as you’re willing to ultimately purchase the item at QuiBids' retail price, participating in an auction is a no-loss proposition.
So, if you want a clever way to save up to 95% on products such as a Samsung HDTV for $54.33, a New iPhone 6 for $23.42 or a Canon Rebel T5i Camera bundle for $43.76, check out QuiBids today.
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