How to Setup Touch-ID On Iphone 6

Apple iphone 6 is built with a lot of security modules which makes it one of the secured mobile device one can ever have.

Apart from digital pass-codes, users can also lock and unlock the device using the fingerprint . Here's how to set up the touchID security module on an iphone.

Iphone 6 is a device designed with a high-profile fingerprint scanner which is located beneath the home button. Its called 'TOUCH iD'. The new system is aimed at replacing your pass-codes or
digital pass-code and appstore password with finger print scan and this is a very good way to ensure the security of your phone.
How to use Touch ID on iPhone 5s

The Touch ID feature is one that continually reads owner fingerprint using the touch ID sensor. Once read, the sensor authenticates or identifies the owner and grants him/her access to the device.

What is Touch ID and how does Touch ID work?

The Touch ID technology found in the iPhone 6 combines an integrated image scanner with the Home Button. Although it’s not quite a camera, it does scan an image of your finger or thumb.

“The technology within Touch ID is some of the most advanced hardware and software we've put in any device.” says Apple, “To fit within the Home button, the Touch ID sensor is only 170 microns thin, not much thicker than a human hair. This high-resolution 500 ppi sensor can read extremely fine details of your fingerprint. The button itself is made from sapphire crystal - one of the clearest, hardest materials available. This protects the sensor and acts as a lens to precisely focus it on your finger.”

The result of all this technology is a Home Button that is capable of reading your finger in any orientation, and uses that degree of image recognition to unlock your phone.

How to set up Touch ID fingerprint scanner on iPhone 6

Touch ID is automatically configured during the iOS Setup Assistant process, but you will still need to enter a four-digit pass-code. ouch ID will reduce the number of times you are required to input this pass-code, but it will be requested for additional security validation when enrolling new fingerprints and it’s useful if a friend needs to unlock the phone for you.

The pass-code is also useful because it ensures you will be able to unlock the phone in the event that your fingerprint is not recognized. Make sure you pick a pass-code you can remember, but nothing that’ll be easily guessed, such as ‘1234

Touch ID settings

If you didn’t configure Touch ID during the setup process you can do it later by following these steps:

Tap Settings > General > Touch ID & Pass-code > Touch ID.

Tap Add A Fingerprint

Press one finger to the Home Button and hold it there until the phone vibrates.

Continue to tap the Home button, slightly changing the angle of your finger each time

Each time you tap the finger to the Home Button the fingerprint will get a little more detailed. Do not press the Home Button, you only need to gently push your finger against it.

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