(UPDATED) How To Stop MTN Text Messages

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As a Nigerian, there are lots of issues bordering us in this country.
One of these issues is that coming from our different network providers.

At times its as if we no longer have the right to decide the kind of calls or text messages to receive. It is so annoying that some days, while expecting an alert from the bank or a call from a prospective client, suddenly comes a call from a regular number which is almost like our own mobile numbers. These calls will come, not once a week but several time in a day almost all days of the week.

Now its time to put a stop to it all at least lets know the kind of calls and texts we receive in a day. This is simply going to teach us how to stop the rampant messages or calls from MTN daily.

All you need do is simply text

 "STOP" to 33111

Please Note that doing this may stop text messages from coming to your phone so for this reason, i prefer you use method 2 which will be explained below:

To stop MTN  sms adverts from coming to your phone, simply text "stop" back to the number that sent you the sms.

Assuming you got a text message from "2123", to stop text messages from coming to your device from this number, simply text "stop" and send in reply to this number. By so doing, further messages from this number will be blocked from coming to your phone.


  1. wow it happens on my country too but luckily not several times in a day ,is it like scam but yeah it's really annoying.

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