Sometimes heroes are the people we hate the most, imagine what the U.S' prediction was for Nigeria....
They predicted that Nigeria will tear apart during the 2015 elections but here we are, awaiting the peaceful transition of power tomorrow. Check history, hardly for you to see a ruling party conceding defeat peacefully.
But the one man who is seen by all as an idiot ‪#‎Jonathan‬ defiled the predictions of the U.S.
If not for his action many of us wouldn't even know where our phones are right now because of the firce sound of gunshots here and there. Many wouldn't even know where to run.
I did not benefit in anyway from his administration but for letting peace live in Nigeria is more like an inheritance for me so I am grateful and I am proud to call to call him my president. Yes his name is ‪#‎GOODLUCKEBELEJONATHAN‬ he is the best, he is my ‪#‎Hero‬
Today, President Muhamadu Buhari takes over the mantle of leadership of our country Nigeria and so WHAT?
Let it be known that Nigeria has a true hero, a selfless one at that, a man who puts the interest and safety of his followers before his own desires. a fellow whom the world has never witnessed one like.
He is my African hero and i will forever remember him if not for anything else, for the peaceful transition we are having at the eagle square right now.
Its now left for the new leaders to learn from his example, his approach was unexpected by all, but it was the best for all humans in Nigeria. 

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