Achese Igwe president of NUPENG
The national union of petroleum and natural gas workers yesterday, expressed their concerns over the battle of the nation against petrol scarcity.

They stated that the issue of petrol scarcity will continue unless the federal government of Nigeria makes productive efforts to refine petroleum products in the country and make the country's refineries work again.

In a press conference in Lagos, Comrade Achese Igwe, president of the union hinted that it is of utmost importance that the federal Govermnent of Nigeria totally removes subsidy and deregulation of downstream sector.

He also opined that it is indeed a shame that Nigeria continually imports petroleum related products despite the huge hydrocarbon deposits found in the land.

These were his words: “Until the downstream sector is deregulated and fuel subsidy is removed completely, we will continue to have fuel scarcity one time or the other. It is unfair for the federal government to agree to pay accrued interests and exchange rate differentials on behalf of importers. They agreed to pay because government has failed in its responsibility with respect to epileptic refineries”.

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