(UPDATED) Africa's Top 100 Universities 2015

Perhaps you happen to have stumbled upon my post on 2014 top 100 universities in Africa and was surprised to see that the ones you'd expected to be there were actually absent from the list.

Fear not because today, that list has been updated for the year 2015 and i am sure the university you are looking for will be here this time.

So relax and scroll through the list below:
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Top 100 Universities in Africa 2014

Sometimes, we in Africa assume that applying for masters degree or PhD overseas is the ultimate simply because we feel or are compelled to believe that there are no good universities in Africa where we can Enroll for M.sc and have the best of it. Its a good thought though, especially when judging by standards. 
I would how ever, like readers from around the globe to have a good look at the list of top 100 universities in Africa and see for themselves that when it comes to education, Africa has the best...

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Touch ID Feature on All iOS Devices And What You'll Need to Know Tbout Them

Much of our digital lives is stored on our iPhone and iPad, and everyone should use a passcode to help protect this important information and their privacy. Unfortunately, many smartphone users don't use a passcode. Touch ID is a seamless way to use your fingerprint as a passcode. Your fingerprint is one of the best passcodes in the world. It's always with you, and no two are exactly alike. With just a touch of your device's Home button, the Touch ID sensor quickly reads your fingerprint and automatically unlocks your phone. You can even use it to authorize purchases from the iTunes Store, App Store, and iBooks Store, and Apple Pay (Apple Pay lets you use iPhone 6 to pay

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Samsung galaxy Note 5

Samsung galaxy note 5 has proven to be the best designed smartphone of all time especially as it practically mimics almost all major design changes introduces with the Galaxy s6. 
These new features include:

#1 aluminium frame
#2 glass back
#3 upgraded finger print sensor
#4 bottom edge speakers and most of all, the angular lines of the S6's superb        camera.

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Courses You Can Apply For In Delta State Polytechnic, Ozoro 2018

post utme entry exams
Delta State Polytechnic, ozoro, prepares for the 2017/2018 admission students as she launches her newly built structures. These structures Were commissioned under the leadership of our able Rector, DR. J.S. OBOREH. 

On his enthronement, he promised to take dspz to a higher level and this, he has done by constantly burning his night candles, thinking of how to make the school a better one.
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Brad Pitt, Jolie, having tea with prince william at kensington palace

brad pitt_angelina jolie _having tea with _prince william
 Known as Hollywood's power couple, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie receives Royal treatment in England as they joined Kate Middleton and Prince William for a mid-day tea during a private palace meeting on Friday.

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Meet the Latest Selfie App -Snapi

Cover art

You know that moment when it seems like you've killed it all with the hottest, latest design in town and you just want to show the world how good you look, especially on Sundays like this before going to church or even after church.

We would always want to take a shot before stepping out for the day... But some times, these shot seems impossible because there is no one to take the shots.

No wonder front recent phones have been designed with front facing cameras, to enable us take "selfies".

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What you Need to Know About Cult Initiation Part 1

On a daily basis, youths are constantly being hunted by the police and task force team, not for the good they've done to the society, but for one crime or the other which they must have committed in the name of the secret society they belong.

Today at headof's blog, i will discuss on the meaning of 'initiation' as well as the stages involved in initiating new cult members, the risks and why intending members should think again before accepting the invitation to join any cult group.
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Rim to Launch Blackberry Vernice Soon

latest blackberry device

A new report has shed lights on the 

latest release from RIM.
This time, they call it blackberry 


Vernice is expected to arrive the 

mobile market come November 2015.

Its features include 64-bit Qualcomm 

snapdragon 808 chipset with a 1.8 

GHz hexa-core and a 3 gigabytes 


users would also be glad to hear its 

going to 

be an android device
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How to Know if my Iphone6 is Unlocked

Perhaps you just read the post on "how to know a locked and an unlocked phone" and now you'd want to know your iphone 6, 5, 4, 3 is an unlocked phone. then feel free because you are in the right spot. 

I will like to tell you that the only way to find out is to get a sim from another network (if you currently use MTN sim, Get an Etisala or Airtel sim), insert into the phone and see if you can make a call with it. i know you may not have another sim card,
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How to Know a Locked and an Unlocked Phone.

It is really important that shoppers should know the kind of phones they buy from shops especially when it comes to the all expensive apple iphones. Buyers are supposed to know if the phone they're buying is locked or unlocked.

So now, the first question is...

A locked phone is a phone which is locked to a particular network. By this i mean that such a phone is only usable or would be able to use the network to which it is registered to. Most times we buy samsung products from AT$T, TIM, Varizon, etc and after sometime, we find out that the phone becomes completely useless when the Varison sim is removed. 

Most devices would tell you "unlock device" when you place a new sim card into them.
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How to Download Youtube Video on Blackberry

sometimes we stumble upon a video, not anywhere else but on youtube, the world's most biggest video bank and find it hard to show these video to our friends simpy because by the time we try to, network failure may cause the video not to play.

however, this post is not strange, but has been made simpler for all who would like to save youtube videos for future views.

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The Wonders of Whatsapp Free Calls

Thanks to technology and the creator of world's most popular app "whatsapp" and the New Owner who also happens to be the owner of world's most popular social network.

I say thanks to these men because even though i know them not, they have contributed immensely to my life and to the life of several others on the earth surface.

On developing whatsapp, the intentions of Mr Koum was to make it an internet text message app that would enable users exchange text messages, pictures and voice notes over a mobile data network. His dreams were expanded when his app was sold to mark zuckerberg who included the calling feature on the app.
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5 Ways to Enjoy More and Pay Less on Utility Bills

Come June 21st 2015, it will be summer again and no doubt, a large portion of our total billing would be generated from air conditioning. this is because it would be too hot and as a human, we hate it hot. for this single reason, we hit the split unit and flex it for long ours. we enjoy the coolness and comfort it brings, but there would always be a frown when the bills come.

Then, as the months get colder, you have to heat your house more often, and heating bills go up (could make you frown too, but do not forget you used the heater when the cold was too much). Although some people have now enrolled in plans designed to separate your utility bills into twelve equal monthly bills, so that you can budget appropriately, the bills can still be high.
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How to Recover Ipad using iTunes

Sometimes when we lose our ipad pass-code, we are left wondering "what do i do" and the next question would definitely be "how do i restore my device" (These questions will come especially when the ipad is not fully yours and you as a result of trying to unlock it, entered wrong pass-codes several times)

simply put, restoring your ipad and making a new start is the best way to recover an ipad whose passcode has been lost. this will definitely wipe all personal data, but its better than losing the device right? but if you already did a back-up before loosing your passcode, you just wipe all data and restore from back-up and keep  flexing with your ipad.
Trying to Restore the iPad from iTunes requires a pass-code, but you can restore the iPad from Recovery Mode. This wipes the iPad completely and installs the latest version of iOS from scratch.
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By-Pass Android Security Pattern Without Wiping Your Phone

Android devices are designed with a varieties of lock options that helps to protect your privacy from people who might want to view personal data, like text messages, emails, videos, contacts, and many more. There actually is no harm doing this except that there are times when we due to personal problems and random thoughts, forget some key which may include your pattern or device password and as a result of random guess and trials, we end up blocking the device from any future unlocks (The unlock becomes impossible except if you take the device for a factory reset or flashing which may actually lead to loss of data).

if this is your circumstance, then you have no cause for alarm as you've stumbled upon the right page where the solution will be made available.
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Facts you Didnt know about Diabetes

Many presumed "facts" are thrown about in the paper press, magazines and on the internet regarding diabetes even in the streets among victims; some of them are, in fact, myths. It is important that people with diabetes, pre-diabetics, their loved ones, employers and schools have an accurate picture of the disease in order not to be misguided on issues concerning the disease. Below are some diabetes myths:
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Facts about Galaxy S6 You didn't know

Gone is the utilitarian plastic build of every Galaxy S past. So long; bye-bye. In its place, the electronics giant paves both sides of its marquee phone in glass, and ties the package in an aluminum alloy bow. Samsung even tops itself with a double curve-screen variant, the Galaxy S6 Edge. Both flagship phones got on the mobile market April 10th.
The Galaxy S6 leaves much of its Galaxy S5 DNA behind. Perhaps even more shocking than this materials about-face are the decisions to seal in the battery and leave out a microSD card slot, both choices made in service to staying slim. These are commonplace omissions in the smartphone sphere, but Samsung has been a die-hard defendant of both the removable battery and the extra
storage option, until now. It's a move that makes a difference, too, at least on the power front. The S6's ticker ran down faster than last year's S5 did on a single charge.

In many ways, Samsung had no choice but to adopt this svelte, metal chassis and a pared-down, less "bloated" variation of Android 5.0 Lollipop. These moves silence customer complaints about the Galaxy S5's (and S4 and S3's) plasticky build, while also girding Samsung against staggering iPhone profits and an army of decent low-cost rivals from Lenovo, Xiaomi and Huawei.
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10 Secret Codes You Must Know As an iPhone7 User

Its so wonderful what one can do with codes when it comes to mobile devices, i still remember how i could hear the time when i press down the * button in my Nokia 1112i back in the days.

Today, we are going to learn 10 secret codes on the iPhone that reveals more than we ever know about our iPhone6, 5s, 4s, etc. These codes are not only important, but a must-know for every iPhone user
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Cheap Iphone 6 and where to get it

win iphone6
While every online shop tries to offer thrilling deals that will save you money, very few can actually make good on their claims, and even fewer can guarantee that you'll have fun doing it.
Well, the deals are still out there, and many are scooping them up from a new online auction website called QuiBids that’s figured out how to sell all the must-have products for prices that are so jaw dropping, you’ll find them hard to believe.
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How to use Whatsapp Till 2022

whatsapp for iphone 6

WhatsApp is currently the most instant messaging app for all smartphones that operates under a mobile network in all countries around the world in all language. The proprietary, cross-platform app uses the Internet to send text messages, images, video, user location and audio media messages and these are charged in most times when subscription is not active.
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Solution To Cultism In Nigerian Schools

So today on schoolnaija.com, i want to talk about cultism once again and this time, i am going to make a list of 5 possible solutions to cultism in Nigerian Schools both primary and tertiary institutions.

The most acceptable of all facts still remains that when there is a problem, there will always exist some practical ways of solving it. Cultism in our institutions of learning is not an exception. The only necessary ingredient is determination, political will and consistency on the part of the authorities concerned.
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6 Reasons Why Students Join Secret Cults in Universities And How They Are Deceived Into It

why students join cult

As a Nigerian, it hurts to sit around a corner and watch as the police or soldiers kick around some young boys into the Hilux (patrol van) and take them to a place 'only God knows where' and they never return.

Sometimes i see young boys and girls bathed with different cut marks on their head, shoulder, neck even in the hands all because they must have engaged in a gang fight or a fight in the street all because they believe they have a special kind of power or a group of fellow youths that will fight for them even if they were beaten at first.
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How to Get 5MB with 5 Naira on MTN

Today i am going to help make it easier for MTN users on small nokia phones like c3, x2, navigator, LG phones, samsung and others too numerous to mention.

YES! the question is "how can BROWSE without spending money on data?. This is possible but you must meet the following requirements.

(1). You must be an MTN pulse or iPULES subscriber.
(2). You must have at least N10 on your sim.
(3). You must recharge at least N100 on your sim weekly.
(4). If you are not on the MTN Pulse, simply dial *406# to        become a member.

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7 Ways to be in Love

There are dos and don’ts in a relationship. If you are finding the latter list of conventions more common in your behavior, then you are most likely to meet a dead-end with your happily ever-after dream soon. Don’t ruin your perfectly fine relationship with these repugnant ways.

1. Stop nit-picking; This is the first relationship red flag. If you pick holes about everything from what he wears to how he speaks, bear in mind nobody wants to be around a nag, and not if she is a girlfriend, for sure. You will give him the impression that he winds you up more than soothes your nerves. You may argue that he is nice, but doesn't meet the criterion of the perfect guy you always dream of being with. That surely doesn't give you the licence to be the change maker in his life. Preventing him from hanging out with his crazy friends, or stopping his video game sessions in an attempt to stabilize him will one day get the better of your relationship. We suggest, give him some space and enjoy yours.
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Latest Browsing Tweak On Glo Network

Ever heard of the Glo latest cheats? Here it is.....
This will be most appreciated especially as airtel plans to stop all its blackberry subscriptions soon.
Glo Bounce offers customers friendly rates for calling other Bounce customers. The product offers unlimited and unparalleled value to the Nigerian customer, most especially upwardly mobile ones.

TO ENTER the Glo bounce plan, simply dial *170*4#


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How to Recover Forgotten Iphone/Ipad Passcode

Lost your iphone/Ipad Pass code? confused, not knowing how to save the files you may have stored in your device?

Worry less because in a few days, headof's Blog will launch hacking tutorial series for apple products including Apple #ipad. 

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12 Ways to Make Your iphone 6 Smarter and Faster


The launch of the iPhone 6 has plunged Apple headlong into yet another battle with technology rivals Samsung, with the former holding a significant advantage heading into the Christmas market. Not only did the combined sales of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus exceed 21 million units in the four weeks since their initial launch, but independent research conducted by consumer brand Which confirmed that Apple’s latest handset recorded the fastest processing speeds of all contemporary smartphones.With the iPhone 6 firmly established as the must have smartphone this winter, you will most likely be looking to purchase one in time for Christmas. If this is the case, however, you should learn as much as you can about the new handset and the iOS 8 as this will help you to enjoy the most beneficial user experience possible. Here are some of the top tricks and tips for getting the most from your brand new iPhone and iOS 8 software:

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Meet HTC Desire 820G+

HTC has launched a new Desire-series smartphone, the Desire 820G+ Dual SIM, in Taiwan. The smartphone has been priced at TWD 5,990 (approximately $194).

Unfortunately, the company as of now has not revealed any plans to launch the Desire 820G+ Dual SIM outside Taiwan.

The HTC Desire 820G+ Dual SIM runs Android 4.4 KitKat and features a 5.5-inch HD (720x1280 pixels) display. It packs a 13-megapixel rear camera with LED flash, and an 8-megapixel secondary front-facing camera, just like the HTC Desire 820. It is powered by an octa-core processor (clocked at 1.7GHz) coupled with 1GB of RAM.
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