5 Ways to Enjoy More and Pay Less on Utility Bills

Come June 21st 2015, it will be summer again and no doubt, a large portion of our total billing would be generated from air conditioning. this is because it would be too hot and as a human, we hate it hot. for this single reason, we hit the split unit and flex it for long ours. we enjoy the coolness and comfort it brings, but there would always be a frown when the bills come.

Then, as the months get colder, you have to heat your house more often, and heating bills go up (could make you frown too, but do not forget you used the heater when the cold was too much). Although some people have now enrolled in plans designed to separate your utility bills into twelve equal monthly bills, so that you can budget appropriately, the bills can still be high.

Depending on where you live, the majority of us can’t make it through an entire summer without using the air conditioning or through a whole winter without using the heater. Utility bills can get very expensive quickly, but luckily, there are some clear ways you can save on your utility bills. Regularly turning off water and electricity when you are not using them is the easiest to save money, but there are many other specific ways you can cut your bill. And these are Given below:
1. Be smart when it comes to heating
2. Make your home cool during summer and warm during winter
3. Invest in efficient lighting

4. Appreciate Every drop of water (not important for most Africans             since they have their own wells and bore-holes/pumps)

5. Find alternatives to phone calls

Depending on where you are reading from, i must tell you also that the points listed above applies to everyone around the globe, so long as you have utility bills posted to your door on a monthly basis, you must device a possible means to lower your consumption so as to be able to pay less and yet enjoy more. so this is why this post was created.

You can also use the comment Box below to share your own points and observation concerning your bills.

If your bills are currently on the hike, apply the steps listed above and tell us what you observe the following month.

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