iPhone 5 and iPhone 6, which is better and why?

Apple inc has really made a lot of wave in the smartphone industry as their products not only boosts the moral of users, it also speaks more an the social status of users and many more.

Formerly it was iphone 4s, so pretty on the hands of those who could afford it, a couple of months later, it was #iphone5s.

Now i know many who got the new iphone5 thought it was the ultimate for apple, and then came the Apple #Iphone6 which is currently making wave in the mobile phone market. 

it is so beautiful and currently the only gadget wanted by all ladies. Many calls it the best apple product so far, others say its simply the best smartphone device. Many would do just anything (except killing) to grab an iphone6. 

  1. It is the first slimmest mobile phone in apple market ever. 
  2. It beats the previous version of iphone5 in thickness and it large display gives much handle with care. 
  3. It have 326 pixels per inch in we can see the clear view of an image and video. 
  4. It have also be same but it include dual domain pixel for wider viewing angle without reduction in colors. 
  5. Both are having same 8mp camera but iphone 6 gives much details in all     environment over iphone 5. 
  6. It have 4-inch 1136x640 ratina display. 
  7. It have 4.7-inch 1334x750 retina display include polarizer. 
  8. Because of greater contrast capability, iphone6 shows the color accurately more than iphone5. 
So now you know the reasons why iphone6 is far better than iphone 5.

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