The Wonders of Whatsapp Free Calls

Thanks to technology and the creator of world's most popular app "whatsapp" and the New Owner who also happens to be the owner of world's most popular social network.

I say thanks to these men because even though i know them not, they have contributed immensely to my life and to the life of several others on the earth surface.

On developing whatsapp, the intentions of Mr Koum was to make it an internet text message app that would enable users exchange text messages, pictures and voice notes over a mobile data network. His dreams were expanded when his app was sold to mark zuckerberg who included the calling feature on the app.

Today, i am happy not because i am using whatsapp, i am happy because i can spend less on regular calls and text. This is possible because using the calling feature on whatsapp, i talk to my friends for long periods without paying a dime.

All it takes is having a Phone that supports whatsapp (preferably any device running on android 4.0, blackberry 10 Os or Apple iOS), install the whatsapp app and subscribe to a data plan that would offer a lot of data.

After doing that, add your friends on whatsapp from your contact list and dial their number using the dial button on whatsapp environment ( many may not be able to enjoy this feature if they have not installed the latest updates on whatsapp).

Now when you dial the number, wait till your friend picks up and chat all you want. fear not because the money on your phone will not be deducted.

just keep talking as long as you want.

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