What you Need to Know About Cult Initiation Part 1

On a daily basis, youths are constantly being hunted by the police and task force team, not for the good they've done to the society, but for one crime or the other which they must have committed in the name of the secret society they belong.

Today at headof's blog, i will discuss on the meaning of 'initiation' as well as the stages involved in initiating new cult members, the risks and why intending members should think again before accepting the invitation to join any cult group.

I will be talking about this initiation using the Nigerian society as a case study, knowing fully well that what applies else where may not be so different from what i am now going to discuss. so sit tight and read on as i unveil these...


In Nigeria, there are two prevalent category of secret societies: These are: The sailors and the Islanders...

The sailors includes the pyrates A.K.A seadogs, the bucanneers, A.K.A sealords and the viking confraternity. The pyrates and the bucaneers at inception operates only in the universities while the vikings, last of the three sailors operates in universities and polytechnic and colleges of education. The bucaneers initiates members from second year in the universities, the vikings believes in catching them young therefore, they tend to initiate from first year. but as a result of the drive to build a good hive, the normal initiation rules have changed as these cult groups now have feeder groups in  our post primary schools.

After the sailors, we have the islanders. the islanders include the Black Axe, Black Beret, Kool Klans confraternity (KKK), MafFites, Mafioso, Red Skins, Black east, etc.

Initiation period usually lasts for a period of 14 days spanning through the three stages (which would be discussed below) but due to security harassment and fear of being caught in the act, the long periods have been reduced to 3 and some times 1 day as the case may be. Because of this reduction in the normal initiation periods, the process became very hazardous and deadly. 

Statistics has it that 1 out of every 5 new members to be initiated die in the process and have their blood used as rum while the skull or the whole body is used for rituals.

So having known the category of cults and the meaning of initiation, i am hoping that youll have a re-think about your decision to join or belong to any cult group.

Remember that the sole reason why your parents enrolled you into the university is to have yourself enlightened- become educated.

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  1. Is red skins a university cult and what's their colour and orientation