(UPDATED) How To Stop MTN Text Messages

MTN Nigeria official logo
As a Nigerian, there are lots of issues bordering us in this country.
One of these issues is that coming from our different network providers.

At times its as if we no longer have the right to decide the kind of calls or text messages to receive. It is so annoying that some days, while expecting an alert from the bank or a call from a prospective client, suddenly comes a call from a regular number which is almost like our own mobile numbers. These calls will come, not once a week but several time in a day almost all days of the week.

Now its time to put a stop to it all at least lets know the kind of calls and texts we receive in a day. This is simply going to teach us how to stop the rampant messages or calls from MTN daily.
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How To Subscribe To Glo BIS

Glo 3 gig cheat code

We have always found it easy to tweak MTN and Airtel Network and when we succeed, we find our self using the sim to surf the internet, paying nothing for it.

Now the question in the heart of many is....
How can i tweak my Glo line in order to enjoy free internet on it?

The Answer to this question is what you can get from here or anywhere else but all i can tell you right now is that there was a security upgrade in the network firewalls and this is why it has been difficult to tweak most of the networks for months now!

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(BVN) Avoid Bank verification Number Scam

I wish to reach as many people as i can with this post especially those in Nigeria who would like to escape the recent phishing scam on the internet.

There is a recent trend i discovered on the internet and i see a lot of persons (Mostly Nigerians) falling victim to it as a result of lack of knowledge or as others may call it, "ignorant".

The recent scam on the internet started when the rush for Bank verfification number (BVN) issue escalated with people having to queue in the bank for long hours in order to register for their BVN. Many even wished that the banks could introduce an online platform where the data needed for the BVN could be uploaded without customers having to stand in long queues. 
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Latest Huawei Mobile Devices, Huawei P8

Huawei's new P8 is the company's best phone to date, but don't confuse it with a bleeding-edge mobile like the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge. It doesn't have the S6 Edge's curved glass screen and it's not quite as powerful, but it does carry a far more affordable price tag without forcing you to compromise on performance.
Replacing the P7, and sitting at the top of Huawei's range of smartphones, this Android Lollipop phone squashes a 5.2-inch full HD display into an attractive one-piece metal body and includes an 8-megapixel front-facing camera and a 13-megapixel camera on the back.
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Mass Communication now Available in Delta State Polytechnic, Ozoro.

Many found it difficult to purchase Delta state polytechnic Post UTME forms simply because there was no provision for the study of mass communication.

If this was the reason why you didn't want to get the forms, then i think its time to get up an get yours now because the course you so much anticipated for is finally here. 

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Top 4 features of apple's New iOS 9

Do you know the latest information when it comes to iOS? 
Its all about the new Apple iOS.9 software which is currently being previewed and used by some before its official release. This comes months before the highly anticipated September launch of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s. Currently, iOS 9  is only available to users enrolled in Apple’s free public beta program or its iOS developer program. Others who want it for free have to wait till later this year (date undisclosed). So what can we expect from this new software? 
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Google Maps Display all My Location On a Map

This is really what i cannot understand. Despite google's ability to track what YOU as an android phone user search on the internet, Having a copy of all your contacts and many more, google has done it once again as She'd just designed another feature that shows all the places you've been to in a map.

This is surprising to me because i as a person at-times find it hard to recall the road track to the several places I've been for the past couple of days, even my own friends, siblings or spouse cannot know all the places i have been to except if there was a discussion about it. But this is what google has done especially to those who greatly rely on many of her services like google MAPS.

Google on Tuesday, made the greatest and most shocking announcement on the launch of a feature called "Your Timeline" Your Timeline is designed to show you everywhere you've been on a map, providing details like date, time for the required data.
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How to Locate free wi-fi Around You

Its called the mobile age and as a result, everyone wants to be able to email, Whatsapp, access important in the cloud with your network with a lil' tap on the smartphone. Sometimes, you need just a spot to sit for a while and read through the latest headlines and doing this requires connectivity and this is the reason for this post.

This will teach you and i how to find a free wi-fi hot spot, connect with these free wi-fi and possibly, surf the internet without being charged or billed for it.

I must say that wi-fi hot spots are not always easy to find and having to spend a few dollars per day for wi-fi access can cut a hole into your budgets.
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How To Extend Battery Life on iphones with iOS 9

With increasing demand for iphone 6 and other related apple products running on iOS, there is a need for an improved battery life and for this reason, Apple is introducing fantastic features in iOS 9 in order to help extend the battery life of these amazing iOS devices.
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How to Borrow from Airtel and Payback Later

airtel free credit
For Nigerians, It could be so annoying frequently dial a number only to hear the end tone or a voice tone telling you "your call cannot be completed, please load a recharge card" aWWWWW!! so embarrassing, but today i am going to share with you how to avoid being cut off on calls on airtel network.

Being an Airtel subscriber, you have the opportunity to get an extra airtime when you exhaust your current one. This has helped reduce the rate at which people gets stranded on calls as you can borrow when you need the airtime most and pay later when you have the cash.
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How I Get 32 gig From Airtel Along With N1500 Calling Credits

Formally, i didn't like Airtel that much as a network, but after learning a few tricks about this Nigerian giant mobile network, i had no choice but to make it the best there is in Nigeria and this is for the following reasons.
1. Airtel has the cheapest call rates and data rates across all networks in Nigeria. but if you are still charged heavily on calls and you still have to buy another recharge card and subscribe for internet plans.
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Airtel Blackberry Subscription 2 in 1 promo can be used for your Windows/Mac Pc , Android , iPhone or iPad.

The promo gives 1 subscription for free if you subscribe for a dual bundle, eg If you subscribe for Airtel One Month Plan Using The Promo Code For Two Months You Automatically get One Month Free, in Total You Get 6gigs Of Data For Only 3000Naira. 

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Latest Airtel 2 IN 1 Subscription Codes

With airtel's new data cheats, you can surf more with just a little cost. Now i want to share with you the codes with which you can subscribe to your Airtel 2 in 1 blackberry subscriptions.

I am making this post cos i am tired of seeing my friends in Nigeria pay other people for something i know they can do entirely on their own. so if you have a Tecno device or Huawei, Infinix hot not or Infinix hot, here are the codes you can dial to help you enjoy your android device.
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Buy your Ozoro Poly forms now

Those who wish to purchase delta state polytechnic, Ozoro Entry forms can fill the form below and pay the sum of N5000 to the bank details that will appear when you submit the form below:

Please Note: That when you click on "submit form",  a page containing the bank details will be opened to you. Please copy the details and make your payments in order to complete your purchase.

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Latest Huawei's Pad Now Available in Nigeria's Mobile Market

huawei pad TI 7.0
A few days back, i made an update about Huawei's Ascend Mate-7 wher i uploaded several screenshots of the device and i believe you enjoyed the view.

Today, it is with a joyous heart that i want to make it known to all that Huawei has launched her Pad TI 7.0 to Nigeria's mobile market.

As part of its original approach to balancing productivity, content creation and consumption in one portable media pad device in Nigeria, Huawei has unveiled Huawei Pad T1 7.0.

The Pad T1 7.0 is a seven-inch tablet that comes with a 1.2GHz Quad Core Processor, 1GB RAM and 16GB ROM.

While the platform of Android 4.4 kit Kat OS with Emotion launcher makes it fast and reliable, according to Huawei.
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First Class Graduates to serve as lecturers in universities

Nigerian University Graduates with first class grades and polytechnic Graduates with distinctions will henceforth carryout their compulsory primary assignment under the national youth service corps, NYSC, programme as lectures in universities.

This was made known today by The Director General of the NYSC, Brigadier General Johnson Olawumi on Wednesday in Kaduna while speaking at a two-day pre-mobilization workshop for the 2015 batch "B" NYSC programme.

Also introduced by the DG is the online certificate verification procedure which is aimed at simplifying the procedures for certificate verification and inquiries. This process will help make participation into the national service more transparent and less cumbersome.
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Newest Movies and TV shows On Amazon Prime for August 2015

Amazon prime subscribers would be seeing the following movies in the month of august 2015.

Get a pen and make a note of the dates on which your favorite movies would be released as shown below.

Erased (2012)
the longest day (1962)
olympus, season 1 (2015 series)

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[PICS] Meet Huawei Ascend Mate-7

Its another interesting product from Huawei. This time, they call it Ascend-mate7 and i think its quite a nice phone to hold Because its light, slim and the colors are quite ok.....

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How to Reduce Data Usage on Windows PC

It will be so annoying to subscribe for a data plan which is supposed to last for a month period only to check back later and discover that the Megabytes have been used up when you have not even done most of the things you wanted to do with the subscription.

This happens mostly on our latest devices and operating systems like the iOS 9, Android 4.4 and above, Lumia and others too numerous to mention. The reason for
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Ozoro Polytechnic Cut-off Mark For 2017

This is meant for those who has been calling, texting and messaged me on whatsapp asking for the cut-off mark for Delta state polytechnic, Ozoro.

As You may have read from other sites or newspapers, Jamb has made it compulsory that universities and polytechnics must admit students who sat for the 2015 JAMB exams and scored 150-180 and above.

However, i would still like to make it known that some unscrupulous elements would still want to scam you by asking you to pay some amount in order to secure your admissions which is more like a crime. So you must be careful who you dealing with as far as education is concerned.
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MAMA 2015 Award Winners Listed

It was indeed a very beautiful sight as stars of the African music industry both home and abroad were present to celebrate MAMA 2015 Edition.

MAMA Kwazulu-Natal 2015 was brought to you by Kwazulu-natal Province in collaboration with Absolut Vodka with the city of durban.

Well, at this moment i hope i can say that its almost as if the MAMA 2015 was created for the nigerian Big stars because they are the top winners.

The top winners for the night include The "johnny" crooner Yemi Alade and Davido who took home the best male and female awards respectively.

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Tutorial: How to Pay Electricity Bills Online

With the recent advancement in technology and payment systems, one hardly needs to look around for an avenue to pay Utility bills. This is so because almost everything that has to do with payments can now be done electronically...

At one time, i wanted to make a very important and urgent transaction at the bank, i looked at my wrist watch and the time was almost 3:45 PM and it would take me almost 45 minutes to get to my Bank (First bank) and as a result i became a bit restless, but thanks to my friend who made it known to me that i can actually make such a payments even at 12 midnight.
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Thousands to Protest Naked in Kenya for President Barack Obama

Obama's kenya visit 2015
Trouble awaits president Barack Obama as he plans to visit Kenya for Global entrepreneurship summit.

This is planned By the Kenyan's republican liberty party as they have duly notified the Kenya authorities of their intentions to mobilize 5,000 men and women to protest naked against Obama's Aggressive support for same sex marriage.

The party leader, Vincent Kidala wrote to the police of their intentions being to make Obama understand the difference between a man and a woman.

More than 1000 sex workers from Nairobi alone have confirmed their interest to take part in the demonstration and liberation party is determined to mobilize politicians to join the protest march.
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Samsung Galaxy A8, The latest samsung SmartPhone

samsung_galaxy A8
Finally, after several rumors about the product, The Samsung Galaxy A8 has finally hit the Chinese mobile market. The Samsung new baby is technically designed with a 5.7-inch 1080p super AMOLED display with ultra-narrow bezels and has full meta uni-body design which makes it very unique when compared to other devices of the A series. A8 is powered by an Octa-Core snapdragon 615oC and runs on the latest Android (lollipop) 5.1.1, its also designed with a ginger print sensor on the home button just like the #iphone6.

For lovers of pictures, i say a very big congratulations to you all as the new Samsung A8 comes with a 16-megapixel
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Motor Accident Renders a Lady Llimbless in Udu, Delta State

The accident victim In Udu
The rate at which road accidents occur these days is something that i cannot seem to understand. sometimes i ask myself...

Could it be that there are no Good drivers on the road?
Are the road safety workers not doing there jobs as they should?
Are the roads not wide enough for the passage of vehicles and humans?

just today (Monday 13/07/2015), at about 12:30 pm, An accident that's Got every one crying, an accident That's Got everyone asking if God is actually sitting up there to see injustice in our Nigerian society, an accident that's caused a lot of panic in the streets of Udu in delta state of Nigeria.

The accident took place directly opposite a branch first-bank Nigeria Plc located in Udu local government Area of Delta state in Nigeria, When a dumper/ tipper/ truck carrying sand lost control and directly crashed into the median diving the road into 2 lanes.
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Tecno Phantom Z Mini

The presence of Tecno corporation when it comes to mobile phone market cannot be over emphasized, this is because the company has not only built touch products but also made mobile phones affordable to almost every one in the African society especially in Nigeria.
So today, i will be discussing on the latest product from Tecno, especially the key features of the device as this would help interested ones in shopping for the Latest Tecno product.

The first Tecno product released for 2015 know as Phantom Z mini or PTM-Z-MINI as commonly called by all...
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24Gig for free On GLO

Free cash on Glo
Its all about awoof right? 
For Nigerians, its as if all they ever want is to have everything free even when it comes to surfing the internet and placing calls or texting.

Well i am making this post in order to help those who are currently running the various versions of android phones and also for PC users Who really wants to bring out the Glow from Glo.

For almost a year now, i have been enjoying double of all my recharges on The glo network... What this means is that when i walk into a shop and purchase a N200 Glo recharge card, on loading the card onto my sim, i get  A N400 BONUS + N200 which gives me a total of N600 on my sim to text, call and even browse the internet. The part that interests me most is that this bonus can acutally be used to call other networks in Nigeria.
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JUPEB Uniben Pre-Degree forms To Expire Soon

In collaboration with the JOINT UNIVERSITIES PRELIMINARY EXAMINATIONS BOARD (JUPEB), the University of Benin invites applications from suitably qualified candidates from all over the federation for admission into the Foundation Programmes for the 2016/2017 Session.
The Programme leads to the award of the Joint Universities Preliminary Examinations Board (JUPEB)Certificate which enables candidates to gain Direct Entry Admission into 200 level of the degrees offered by the University of Benin and other JUPEB – affiliated Universities in Nigeria and universities abroad. The JUPEB Certificate is equivalent to the Advance Level GCE or the Old Higher School Certificate (HSC) or IJMB.
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(BREAKING NEWS) 6 Signs to Know if FBI, CIA, NSA is Spying On You

With the latest spy program in the U.S by the NSA, CIA and FBI, many readers are anxious to know what signs to look for in order to know if their phones has a spy software installed on'em because the truth is that no body ever wants to be spied on since we all have our own privacy to protect. Please do not forget that spying is a way of obtaining discrete information from a user without his or her knowledge. Such users would be exposed to danger especially when such data obtained from their devices fall into the wrong hands.

This post will give you the signs displayed by Phones when they have a spy software installed on them.

So here are a list of symptoms you may look out for if your phone is spied upon!

1 Battery Runs down within a short while
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8 Reason Why Ladies Would Always Like You

When it comes to women, there are only two different category of men:

The kind of men that fall in the first category are regarded as "lucky guys" because it is often easy for them to get the lady's attention. It takes actually a lil' effort for them to corner a lady and have her smiling after a few moment while the second category of men are those who would do almost everything they can just to have a smile from the girl they admire but all to no avail.
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How to Download iOS 9 On Your PC

As a human, it always feels good to have good and new, latest stuff to show to our peers. This is no doubt true as most iOS users are tired of using the iOS 8.4 that was released some time ago.

Now the latest is iOS 9 and its quite a nice version. How ever, many users find it difficult to download and install this version of iOS and this is the reason for this post.


The Apple Developers Portal, but you have to pay $99 a year to access this service (as discussed above). However there are also other sources that will supply users with the iOS 9 betas, with iMZDL being one of the most popular online resources.
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Download and Store Androd Apps On PC

Have you ever found yourself so annoyed and frustrated simply because you are connected to the internet on a pc and seddenly, you just remember the android app you've always wanted to install on your phone? now you are so happy because you have internet and it would just be so cool to download and send to your android device right?
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How to Make your Apple iPhone6 Charge Faster

It is indeed a good thing to own a smartphone like #iphone6, #iphone5 and other sweet devices that makes life more interesting in this mobile age, but at times, we find it hard to have a full use of these devices especially as their running requires a lot of battery power. In most occasions we are stressed out with work, only to get home and fall straight on the bed or couch only to wake up when we hear the bed alarm, and when we finally wake up, we have just a few hours or minutes to charge the battery before we head-out to hustle for our daily bread

This post will teach us "how to really hasten the charging process of our iphone device" or "how to charge iphone faster" And the steps are highlighted below:
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Gain Admission Into The University Without Jamb

If you have written the DELTA state university POST UTME and could not make it into the school and would still wants to get admitted into this institution,then this post is for you,
Simply follow these EASY steps and become a student of DELSU and start schooling....

Here we go, assuming you have all your O'LEVEL results complete, then its time to try a new dimension AND say goodbye to jamb and post UTME frustrations.

simply visit and click  HERE to generate an online virtual pin that will help you purchase the delta state university DIPLOMA FORM.

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Easy Steps to Verify a Paypal Account with a Credit Card

These steps apply to UK Personal accounts. If you have a Business account, please log in to see the steps that apply to you.
When you add your credit or debit card to your account, you may be required to confirm it.

If you have a Maestro card, here's how. For all other cards, see below.

To link your card:
1 Log in to your PayPal account or create one if you have none.
2 Click Wallet at the top of the page.
3 Click the card you want to confirm. (You'll only have the option to confirm          cards with a 'Confirm' banner.)
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How to Disable Auto renewal on Apple Music

If you personally signed up for apple music, you'll discover you have been signed up for a 3 months trial period during which you are allowed to enjoy all the features that comes with Apple's music for free, agreeing to this simply means that at the end of the 3 months trial period, you'll be charged $9.99 monthly.
Please note that apple music is only available on iOS 8.4
Only, not everyone is going to want Apple Music to automatically renew on September 30
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SmartPhone 'kill Switch' launched in the U.S

kill switch app on phones
A snatcher On the move
Phone snatchers are in trouble especially as a new technology has been developed on smartphones which would allow or enable owners to permanently destroy their phones remotely.

its called Smartphone 'kill switch' and alot of bills has been signed into law in the U.S to make sure that all users adopt the technology.

This new technology was developed in order to help minimize the rate at which smartphones are snatched in the U.S and other countries around the world. These phones are not only stolen, they are also gathered and shipped to other parts of the world where they are sold at a very reduced cost thereby reducing the market quality of the ones sold at retailer shops.

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