24Gig for free On GLO

Free cash on Glo
Its all about awoof right? 
For Nigerians, its as if all they ever want is to have everything free even when it comes to surfing the internet and placing calls or texting.

Well i am making this post in order to help those who are currently running the various versions of android phones and also for PC users Who really wants to bring out the Glow from Glo.

For almost a year now, i have been enjoying double of all my recharges on The glo network... What this means is that when i walk into a shop and purchase a N200 Glo recharge card, on loading the card onto my sim, i get  A N400 BONUS + N200 which gives me a total of N600 on my sim to text, call and even browse the internet. The part that interests me most is that this bonus can acutally be used to call other networks in Nigeria.


All it takes is to subscribe to Glo BUMPA package. All you need is dial *100*10*1# on your phone and then using the Dial button to confirm the action.
Now you'll get a confirmation message welcoming you to the Glo Bumpa plan.

There is just another way to enjoy more from the telecoms Giant, Glo! This is by subscribing to its internet packages while still on the same Glo BUMPA package.


Well, this will shock you as you'll now discover that Glo actually has a lot more to offer than you ever expected especially when it comes to internet services.
internet packages from Glo are the very best ever and these are listed below along with their cost....

Dial    *127*58# For 4.5 Gigabytes on glo @ N2500 (You'll get N5000 on your bumpa account for calls and text)

Dial     *127*2# For 12 Gigabytes on Glo @ N5000 (You'll get N10,000 on your Bumpa account for calls and text)

Dial      *127*1# For 24 Gigabytes on Glo @N8000 (You'll get N16,000 on your Bumpa account for calls and text)

So the geek is that, when you buy Glo Internet packages while on Bumpa, your money gets doubles and you can go on enjoying this money for a very long time.

So i hope you enjoyed this post, feel free to write a comment below and share with your friends on facebook, twitter and instagram to keep them informed.

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