(BREAKING NEWS) 6 Signs to Know if FBI, CIA, NSA is Spying On You

With the latest spy program in the U.S by the NSA, CIA and FBI, many readers are anxious to know what signs to look for in order to know if their phones has a spy software installed on'em because the truth is that no body ever wants to be spied on since we all have our own privacy to protect. Please do not forget that spying is a way of obtaining discrete information from a user without his or her knowledge. Such users would be exposed to danger especially when such data obtained from their devices fall into the wrong hands.

This post will give you the signs displayed by Phones when they have a spy software installed on them.

So here are a list of symptoms you may look out for if your phone is spied upon!

1 Battery Runs down within a short while

2 Odd phone behavior

3 frequent self reboots (some phones would shutdown while others would shutdown and reboot themselves depending on the software installed on them)

4 Your Phone makes some background noise (some phones suddenly beeps when they are in a bad network area, but when the beep sound is continuous, then your device may just have been tailed)

5 Unusual texts messages containing special characters and numbers

6 Unusual data usage.

These are the signs that could easily tell when your phone is being monitored, tracked or tapped in some way.

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  1. If you want to spy on any phone or tablent, first of all you can tie a rope to a phone, or you can try this parental control for android that allows you to track any required device