(BVN) Avoid Bank verification Number Scam

I wish to reach as many people as i can with this post especially those in Nigeria who would like to escape the recent phishing scam on the internet.

There is a recent trend i discovered on the internet and i see a lot of persons (Mostly Nigerians) falling victim to it as a result of lack of knowledge or as others may call it, "ignorant".

The recent scam on the internet started when the rush for Bank verfification number (BVN) issue escalated with people having to queue in the bank for long hours in order to register for their BVN. Many even wished that the banks could introduce an online platform where the data needed for the BVN could be uploaded without customers having to stand in long queues. 

From this, some ugly hearted individuals devised means through which they could obtain ATM details from unsuspecting customers and use such for illegal online activities.

I got an email from One of my banks (Ecobank Nig Plc), on seeing this mail, i was so glad because i actually thought they have accepted the application i submitted last week requesting for a master card. To satisfy my curiosity, i clicked on the email and what i saw was so surprising that i wished i could lay hands on whoever sent me that mail.

The one that was so annoying is the one i got today, This was a mail title "Update your account details" and when i saw this title, i became worried not knowing what detail the bank actually wanted me to update and so i click on the "CLICK HERE" button included on the mail.

The link took me to another page where i was asked to submit details such as:
#1 Name
#2 Address
#3 Phone number
#4 ATM number
#5 ATM pin
#6 ATM last 3 digit number
#7 Account number

Now the person sending this mail has only but one intention, which was for me to fill in the details and click on a "submit" button.

Now if i had done this, the details i had entered will be sent to his email address which he would later use for his selfish interest.

You must understand that No bank In Nigeria will ever ask you for your ATM details in order to have you registered for the bank verification number. All you'll need for the registration is a valid identity card (preferably Driver's license or National Id card or Voter's card), Your 10 finger prints and your account number.

Also note that registration is never done online as Biometric data is only to be captured through Biometrics gadgets found in banks only.

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