Google Maps Display all My Location On a Map

This is really what i cannot understand. Despite google's ability to track what YOU as an android phone user search on the internet, Having a copy of all your contacts and many more, google has done it once again as She'd just designed another feature that shows all the places you've been to in a map.

This is surprising to me because i as a person at-times find it hard to recall the road track to the several places I've been for the past couple of days, even my own friends, siblings or spouse cannot know all the places i have been to except if there was a discussion about it. But this is what google has done especially to those who greatly rely on many of her services like google MAPS.

Google on Tuesday, made the greatest and most shocking announcement on the launch of a feature called "Your Timeline" Your Timeline is designed to show you everywhere you've been on a map, providing details like date, time for the required data.

This feature is gradually coming up as it has been made possible on the web and for latest  google devices running on Google's Android Operating System.

Google also designed the feature with a privacy control which allows user to delete anything from their timeline, users can also delete the entire timeline, Edit and personalize names of places on the map (you can edit a location's name to "my shop"), or turn off location tracking services on your devices.

I think i will prefer to turn off the tracking service because i wonder what it would look like when my spouse discovers a location called "Tracy's place" on my device which would mean i frequent Tracy's place. What will i tell Her? lmao!!!

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