How To Extend Battery Life on iphones with iOS 9

With increasing demand for iphone 6 and other related apple products running on iOS, there is a need for an improved battery life and for this reason, Apple is introducing fantastic features in iOS 9 in order to help extend the battery life of these amazing iOS devices.
On this post, i would like to talk about some of these features implemented by Apple in order to help you and i enjoy the device for long without having to worry about where to plug in the charger in order to continue what you're doing.

well, The first feature i observed on iOS 9 is so designed that you wouldn't know its there unless you're told it does exist. Now anytime you place your iPhone device with iOS 9 face down on a flat surface (surface could be a desk or bed), the device simply refuses to light up even when you receive a notification on whatsapp, facebook or other social network apps.

Secondly, i see a thing called Low Power Mode. I would advise all iPhone users to find it necessary to enable this feature because it is able to change or modify the amount of power utilized by default background services and animations. This simply means that once the low power mode is activated, push mail will be paused, certain apps will lose their ability to refresh themselves until you are able to charge your battery. The Low Power Mode is prompts for Activation once the battery level reaches 20%

TIPS: You'll know your battery is on low power mode when the battery icon in the upper right corner changes to yellow color instead of the typical red color and beside the yellow icon, you'll also see the available power left in the battery.

With these features, I am sure that Apple is still working on other ways to extend battery life on iphone devices and other apple devices like the ipad and ipod. So i hope you enjoyed the post? 

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