How to Download iOS 9 On Your PC

As a human, it always feels good to have good and new, latest stuff to show to our peers. This is no doubt true as most iOS users are tired of using the iOS 8.4 that was released some time ago.

Now the latest is iOS 9 and its quite a nice version. How ever, many users find it difficult to download and install this version of iOS and this is the reason for this post.


The Apple Developers Portal, but you have to pay $99 a year to access this service (as discussed above). However there are also other sources that will supply users with the iOS 9 betas, with iMZDL being one of the most popular online resources.

There are many versions of the beta available, and it’s important to download the corresponding beta for your device – if you download the wrong beta, iTunes will first wipe iOS 8 from your device before informing you that it’s unable to install the selected iOS 9 beta, which forces the device into DFU mode and requires a complete restore to fix. Some sites (iMZDL included) provide a service that uses your devices serial number to identify the correct beta to download.

So, to download iOS 9, simply click Here

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