How to Make your Apple iPhone6 Charge Faster

It is indeed a good thing to own a smartphone like #iphone6, #iphone5 and other sweet devices that makes life more interesting in this mobile age, but at times, we find it hard to have a full use of these devices especially as their running requires a lot of battery power. In most occasions we are stressed out with work, only to get home and fall straight on the bed or couch only to wake up when we hear the bed alarm, and when we finally wake up, we have just a few hours or minutes to charge the battery before we head-out to hustle for our daily bread

This post will teach us "how to really hasten the charging process of our iphone device" or "how to charge iphone faster" And the steps are highlighted below:

#1- use original chargers: Most times, because we are in the office, we want to use the universal serial bus (USB) cord to plug our iphone to laptops in order to gain some power especially when the battery has only a small amount of power like 12% or lower. This is good, but in terms of efficiency, it is very low because USB 1.0 or USB 2.0 port is capable of delivering up to 0.5A. MacBook Pros and MacBook Airs after 2012 come with USB 3.0 ports, which are capable of delivering 0.9A. However, your iPhone comes with a charger capable of delivering 1A, so you’re better off plugging your iPhone into the dedicated charger rather than connecting it to a USB port.
However, note that there is an exception, the USB-C port in new 12-inch Retina MacBook, supports up to 3A.
iPhone doc_charger

# 2- Use an Ipad charger: an ipad charger has more power than iphone charger since The iPad charger delivers 2.1A (12W), which charges the iPhone a lot faster than its 1A (5W) charger. I have been doing this ever since Apple started shipping a more powerful charger with the iPad and haven’t faced any issue. The iPhone just draws as much power as it can handle from the charger. 
It takes about  2 hours 30 mins using an iPad charger, whereas it can take more than 3 hours 45 mins using the charger that ships with the iPhone which could amount to over 4 hours when fake or substandard chargers are used (and this could have some negative effects on the battery that came with the phone).
iPad charger

#3- Do not use the device while its charging: For the guys and ladies, i know its almost difficult attimes to drop the iphone for a while especially when the whatsapp chat, twitter or facebook or even BBM chats are on. but you need to understand that using the iPhone while charging it will result to consumption of more power and definitely slow down the charging process. Some people recommend putting the device in Airplane mode as it turns off cellular and Wi-Fi radios. It is a good idea in an emergency, but as you know, an important call may just come in especially the business men.

This will do for now, i am very certain that very soon, more powerful chargers will come that will charge our device withing a few seconds, but i hope one day, apple will develop a solar lion battery that will charge as you go !!!

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