Tutorial: How to Pay Electricity Bills Online

With the recent advancement in technology and payment systems, one hardly needs to look around for an avenue to pay Utility bills. This is so because almost everything that has to do with payments can now be done electronically...

At one time, i wanted to make a very important and urgent transaction at the bank, i looked at my wrist watch and the time was almost 3:45 PM and it would take me almost 45 minutes to get to my Bank (First bank) and as a result i became a bit restless, but thanks to my friend who made it known to me that i can actually make such a payments even at 12 midnight.

I was surprised as i actually had no idea of what he's saying. So i decided to take a dive and in a few seconds, all i got on my phone was a bank alert confirming the success of the transaction i made and since then, i began to explore more ways to make payments easier and more convenient for every Nigerian out There.

So today, i would be talking on how to pay your electricity bills right from the comfort of your home, at your own leisure time and convenience. The sweetest part of this is that even loved ones in other parts of the country can pay your bills from where they are. all they would need is the Account number on the bill you're Issued.

I understand it is no longer Power Holding Company Of Nigeria, but disintegrated into different zones such as Enugu Electricity Distribution Company (EEDC), Jos Electricity Distribution Company (JEDC), Benin Electricity Distribution Company (BEDC) and several others

Now i begin like this...

1 Customer Account Number
2 A debit card/ master or visa card
3 An internet connection
4 A mobile phone or laptop (with internet access)
If you have the requirements as listed above, Then this post is created for you because you are just a step away from paying your electricity bill right from your home.

If you are on a mobile phone or Laptop, simply click here to access the BEDC web portal (on this portal, you can pay your bills, re-connection fee, etc)Now that the page is opened, select the option that best describes what you wanna do and wait for the page to reload.

Now that the page is opened, it time to enter the details on your bill...
1. Customer account number (this is found on your bill) 
    just locate the Account NO and locate numbers which appear like this 47/32/12/****-**

2. Email address (this is needed for verification just in the case of any inquiry )

3. Mobile number (the GSM number which you can be reached on )

4. Amount (This is the amount which you'd like to pay)

Now hit the Continue button to open the page from which you can enter your ATM card details.

On entering the details on your card, you will be billed and a receipt will be displayed on the screen for you. Write down the details that will be presented for future reference and keep it safe somewhere....

If you followed the steps highlighted above, "Congratulations" cos you no longer have to go to the bank or BEDC cash office to queue up for bill payment.

I hope you like this post? You can always post your replies and suggestions below using the form below.


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