How to Reduce Data Usage on Windows PC

It will be so annoying to subscribe for a data plan which is supposed to last for a month period only to check back later and discover that the Megabytes have been used up when you have not even done most of the things you wanted to do with the subscription.

This happens mostly on our latest devices and operating systems like the iOS 9, Android 4.4 and above, Lumia and others too numerous to mention. The reason for
this consumption is because most of the services required for the safe running of these devices are sent over the air. This is the reason why most devices perform best when they are connected to the internet and behave funny when they are not.

I want to direct this post to PC users, since they are the ones who spends more on data subscription.

So the question often asked by most PC users is HOW COME THE DATA S EXHAUSTED WITHIN SUCH A SHORT TIME?

Well, it is because there are some services that are using the data more than you do. some applications installed on your PC are constantly receiving data from the network. It does not really matter whether they are in use of not. So long as the laptop is connected to the internet, they keep running, and as they run, your data is sapped.

Now, i must tell you that the most data consuming Application found in laptops and desktops is the WINDOWS UPDATE feature.

This feature is used by microsoft to send recent system updates to WINDOWS users especially those running windows 7 operating system. These updates are files of great sizes which would require a lot of data to download.

Because of this, you may find your data constantly reduced to the nearest zero except if you know how to turn off the windows update feature.


Its quite easy, just follow the following steps

1. click on start icon
2. type "windows update"
3. click on WINDOWS UPDATE option
4. wait for the option to load and follow the images below:

Image 1 click on "change settings" Circled with green

Image 2 click on DROP DOWN MENU and select NEVER CHECK FOR UPDATES

Image 3 click on "OK" to save your settings

Now that you have followed the steps above, enjoy your subscription and make sure you turn off AUTO UPDATE feature in most applications like your browser, downloader, and so many others.

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