Motor Accident Renders a Lady Llimbless in Udu, Delta State

The accident victim In Udu
The rate at which road accidents occur these days is something that i cannot seem to understand. sometimes i ask myself...

Could it be that there are no Good drivers on the road?
Are the road safety workers not doing there jobs as they should?
Are the roads not wide enough for the passage of vehicles and humans?

just today (Monday 13/07/2015), at about 12:30 pm, An accident that's Got every one crying, an accident That's Got everyone asking if God is actually sitting up there to see injustice in our Nigerian society, an accident that's caused a lot of panic in the streets of Udu in delta state of Nigeria.

The accident took place directly opposite a branch first-bank Nigeria Plc located in Udu local government Area of Delta state in Nigeria, When a dumper/ tipper/ truck carrying sand lost control and directly crashed into the median diving the road into 2 lanes.

The whole thing started when a convoy escorting a bank van decided to take the wrong lane of the road thereby making it difficult for other road users to use the road conveniently as they ought to. 

Eye witness said that the accident was caused by some police men who used the wrong lane of the road thereby creating no room for the tipper driver to fully redirect his course and apply the brakes appropriately and suddenly the tipper knocked out the lady standing by the road side thereby destroying her two legs...

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I  am now using this opportunity to call on the corporate body responsible for implementing road use laws to get down to work and make sure such incidents does'nt occur again in other parts of the state.

I also wish that justice would be served for the innocent lady who'd just lost her both legs to the recklessness and over excitement of people who call themselves 'officers of the law'

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