Thousands to Protest Naked in Kenya for President Barack Obama

Obama's kenya visit 2015
Trouble awaits president Barack Obama as he plans to visit Kenya for Global entrepreneurship summit.

This is planned By the Kenyan's republican liberty party as they have duly notified the Kenya authorities of their intentions to mobilize 5,000 men and women to protest naked against Obama's Aggressive support for same sex marriage.

The party leader, Vincent Kidala wrote to the police of their intentions being to make Obama understand the difference between a man and a woman.

More than 1000 sex workers from Nairobi alone have confirmed their interest to take part in the demonstration and liberation party is determined to mobilize politicians to join the protest march.

Kidala made it know that bills have been passed to the parliament in 2013 seeking to ban same sex marriage but not once have such bills been given any due attention because of the great interference of the U.S government on the issue.

Obama will be in Kenya come July 20th in attendance for The Global entrepreneurship summit and he plans to address the issue of gay rights and the need to protect gay rights during the visit to Kenya.

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