Top 4 features of apple's New iOS 9

Do you know the latest information when it comes to iOS? 
Its all about the new Apple iOS.9 software which is currently being previewed and used by some before its official release. This comes months before the highly anticipated September launch of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s. Currently, iOS 9  is only available to users enrolled in Apple’s free public beta program or its iOS developer program. Others who want it for free have to wait till later this year (date undisclosed). So what can we expect from this new software? 

#1. A Smarter Siri: Everyone’s favourite personal assistant gets an awesome new makeover. She now understands “it” when said within context. She also reminds you about emails, websites, texts and can go as far as to show you photos or videos you’ve taken in particular locations or time zones – as long as GPS tags have been included. 

#2. A smarter keyboard: iPad users can expect new features on their keyboards with the update including a built-in shortcut bar that gives the next-word suggestions above the QWERTY letter keys. Cut, copy and paste to the left; bold, italic, underline and attachments to the right. The keyboard’s default layout is also customizable and compatible with third-party keyboard apps. 

#3. Cooler apps: There’s a whole new collection of  apps in store, including nice spins on familiar programs. Newsstand, for example, is now News, and the Notes App is said to be a lot like Evernote. The most talked about has to be Apple Maps which provides routes for buses, trains, subways and ferries. 

#4. Greater multitasking: iPad users can now look forward to running more than one program simultaneously on their devices. This is possible thanks to Split View which lets you actually see and use them at the same time. The Slide Over option allows users bring apps from the side so texts can be answered or notes quickly written. Thirdly, there will be Picture-in-Picture mode that lets them put videos and FaceTime calls in the corner of the display when the home button is pressed. Other apps can then be used in the meantime.

I know may users would want to know where and how to run the upgrade on their iPhone 6 or iPhone 5s.


  1. Hope to get an iphone soon. My ipod 4's ios stopped at ios 5 (if i remember it correctly). Looking forward to getting all these amazing features soon :)

  2. I'm excited with the new IOS 9. I just hope they do something about the battery.

  3. I am not into mobile gadgets but this one looks interesting.

  4. I used to have an ipad and I loce how fast the process of an apple product. What i dont like abnout iphone (before iphone6 and 6+) is that the phone is small and its hard to make an sms or posting a commnet on fb. Even if I have small fingers

  5. I didn't notice much difference after installing the new iOS 9 software on my iPhone 6. Maybe it's because I don't use and don't like to use SIRI, hahahaha...