How to root any Tecno, Infinix, injoo, Itel android phone without loosing your files

android icon
I know i have not been able to come up with a new post for days now and this has really affected my friends a lot, But i am sorry. 

Now, Today i want to talk about how you can easily Root any android phone without loosing your installed files.

Before i go into the process of rooting any android device, i want to give a little introduction or add a little more information to what you already know to be rooting.

Rooting means gaining root access to your device. When you take your phone out of the box, while there are plenty of settings you can tweak, you can only alter what the manufacturer allows you to. What this means is that when you buy a new device from the shop, you get a device which is designed with all its functionality fixed to what the manufacturer programmed. This implies that you may not or alter any process in the device, even the boot time.

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MTN Network Issues And How to Solve Them

Recharge issues on MTN
 Today i want to provide an answer to some of the problems faced by most MTN subscribers here in Nigeria especially as it is the rainy season where Network providers face some challenges with coverage.

It is observed that sometimes when you would want to recharge your phone, you dial in the right codes and enter the pin just as it is written on the Recharge card you bought, but seconds later, you Get an error message.

At other times, customers would dial *606# in order to Borrow some airtime from MTN which they would like to repay at a later time only to have their request declined by the network.
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I recommend This simple server because it works faster at the rate of 500k and above. Though Droidvpn is a little bit preferable just that it might stop at anytime and it is very slow.

Should in-case you want to go through this process then i expect you to have a working BB plan or recharge #100 now and send BISDAY to 21600 for daily 3GB.

After which you set your device connections to:
*. APN:
*. Ip Address:
*. Port: 8080
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How to Enjoy Unlimited Sports Channel on Dstv for Free

It could be so embarrassing to discover that your current Dstv Subscription will not cover some channels like super sport, Blitz and other nice sports channels. What!!! come on! Its Epl Season and everybody wants to catch the action as it happens there at old trafford.

So this small lines will buy you access to some sports channel on Dstv For free without paying for them. In order to be able to enjoy this, you must have the following:
1 Dstv decoder
2 An active subscription (could be the lowest plan)

to enjoy these, simply follow the guide below"

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Things you'll like about galaxy S6 Edge Plus

samsung galaxy s6 edge plus features
Walked into slots' shop right here in airport junction in warri, Delta State, Nigeria and i was opportune to make a contrast between the latest Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ and the upcoming Galaxy Note 5  and here are the few things i can say about the new baby. (Slot is a renown mobile shop in Nigeria with offices located in portharcourt, lagos and Warri, with the best phone deals). After my review of the device, i found the following features interesting and i will discuss these below"

Firstly, unlike Galaxy Note S4, which has curve on the right part of the screen, the Edge + has curves on both edges or both edges of the screen. Similar to S6 Edge, the 5.7-inch Edge+ allowa users to set up shortcuts that can be accessed while the phone is face down.
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How to Enjoy 1GB For N500 on MTN When You Buy Infinix Hot 2

infinix hot 2 specs
Meet MTN's infinix Hot 2. infinix is a mobile phone manufacturer whose products are gradually taking over the market space in nigeria over Tecno, Itel, Gionee, Huawei and other MTK devices.

Infinix hot 2 is the latest campaign and the first smartphone to be launched in africa running on Android One.


Automatically receive the latest versions of the Android OS.
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How to Know Who Called You When Your Line Was Switched Off

This is for MTN subscribers who actually need all the calls they can get for the smooth operation of their business.

Sometimes because of power and Nepa Problems, our phone battery ends up dead, leaving our callers and clients in the dark, We become to restless because we know our customers will be dialing our numbers to place orders which would actually not get to us simply because our Office mobile number is dead since there is no electricity to charge the batteries.

At other times, customers may not reach you because you lost your sim or were not in a network area and this is the reason for this post.
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Latest BIS Subscription Codes on MTN

MTN Blackberry subscribers are known to be so happy and grateful to their service provider for giving the best data services Nationwide especially as the company always tries to meet up with the latest network types coming with the recent mobile devices released into the Nigerian market.

But there are times when one would tend to forget the subscription codes and finds himself dialing several error codes just to be able to subscribe to a blackberry data plan and that is why i am making this post. Its often embarrassing to walk to your neighbor in order for him to help activate a BIS plan for you.

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How Whatsapp Can Reduce Your Phone Bills

This may cause some panic but i found out that some of our friends and relatives actually find it difficult to call Nigeria because they feel the cost of calls is too high and as a result, they only call for a few seconds and the next call would be next week.

If this has been the case with you, then worry not because after reading this, you will find two ways you can cal your relatives in Nigerian and other African countries, call friends in other parts of the globe without paying without paying a cent...

To enjoy this, you must download and install the latest version of any of the app mentioned below:

This will work well for users on android 4 and above, and those using blackberry 10 OS, also, those on
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(Pics) The Latest type of G-wagon By Mecedez

side view
Many are those who found G-Wagon an interesting Car and sought for funds to get it and now they have it and enjoyed it for many months but little did they know that Mercedes has another product in mind. Its no longer a G-wagon, but a G-Class. This one is quite tougher than the  G-wagon.

See images below for yourself

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The Dangers of Authorizing Apps with your Facebook Account

facebook app
Following the release of several apps Like Online games,  Facebook users often find themselves Authorizing the use of their Facebook account on these apps. But some do not even know what authorization of an app actually means and this is why i am making this post.

I myself, authorized Candy Crush on my Facebook and as a result, i have all my activities on candy crush posted directly to Facebook each and every time i use the app. 

And now, i want you all to understand the dangers involved in authorization of apps with your Facebook account and why you must periodically review these apps you've authorize and Un-authorize some that you do not feel comfortable with.
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iPhone 5 and iPhone 6, which is better and why?

Apple inc has really made a lot of wave in the smartphone industry as their products not only boosts the moral of users, it also speaks more an the social status of users and many more.

Formerly it was iphone 4s, so pretty on the hands of those who could afford it, a couple of months later, it was #iphone5s.

Now i know many who got the new iphone5 thought it was the ultimate for apple, and then came the Apple #Iphone6 which is currently making wave in the mobile phone market. 

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How to Track a Stolen or Lost iPhone, iPad Device

If you are an iPhone owner, you have probably gotten used to the device that you feel like your happiness is tied around it, apart from this, you feel secured especially when you have the TouchID feature switched on on the device along with the fingerprint sensor.

So what if you went to spend time with a friend at a shop and maybe you ran off to attend to someone somewhere and in the process, you forgot your prescious iphone 6,5, 4 or even an ipad? This would be so traumatizing right? definitely true. 

So now the question is, how can i track my lost iPhone?
How can i configure my iPhone in order to make it trackable when it gets missing?
what is the use of the "Find my phone" feature on iPhone 6?

I am going to give answer to the questions above in a few paragraph
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3 Applications that would help you track a stolen android device

Do you use and android and don't want to loose your phone then you need to read this article step by step All you need to do is to download any of this application 

1. SeekDroid: SeekDriod which cost about $4.99, SeekDroid is one of the oldest find my phone application that allow you remotely control your GPS and also helps you wipe both your internal storage and memory card (SDcards) remotely and prevent thieves from uninstalling your applications. 

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Latest Adsense Alternative For Website Owners

adsense alternative

Today is surely going to be a very good day because the thing i have spent years looking for has been right under my own laptop without my knowledge and today that i have found it, i want everybody to have a share too.

Yes, as a blogger or site owner, it would always be a dream to be able to claim some dollars from someone at the end of the month and the target is no other but the Richest internet advert company called "ADSENSE". Adsense is the most reliable ad server which provides platform for bloggers and website owners to earn by displaying targeted ads on their site.
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Where to Buy Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus and How Much it Costs

This may interest many to know that galaxy S6 edge plus will sell globally on August 21 and comes in different colors ranging from gold, silver, black and white. However, different regions may carry different colors. Prices may vary by retailer and country but what i am sure of is that it definitely will cost more than Note 5.
in the US, Gold and black colors will be launched but silver and white will be made for other countries around the world.

i guess that question in your mind right now would be any of the following:
where can i get samsung galaxy s6 edge plus?
How much will it cost?
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Samsung Galaxy S6 edge plus Released for $700 T-Mobile

Collectively, Apple and Sumsung are gradually taking over the smartphone market. ever since the release of iPhone 4, Samsung galaxy s3,4, etc, the mobile phone market has never been a good ground for other makers because when it comes to prestige and stance, Samsung and apple sure knows how to place it in the right design.

so today i am glad to announce to you that Samsung has finally announced the release of galaxy s6 edge+. The new baby is endowed with a 5.7-inch quad HD super AMOLED display, curved on both sides. when it comes to processor, the s6 edge+ is powered by an OCTA-CORE (quad 2.1 GHz + quad 1.5 GHz) exynos 7420 processor and lollipop 5.1. This is a wow for camera lovers as its built with a 16-megapixel rear camera with a led flash and a 5-megapixel front facing camera.
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Glo bumpa and MTN Beta talk which is better and why?

Hello everyone, Today i bring you the difference between MTN's BETA talk and Glo's BUMPA package.

Before i go on with this post, i must make my readers understand what i mean by MTN BETA talk and Glo Bumpa packages.

MTN BETA TALK TARIFF PLAN: MTN beta talk is a plan that offers customers 200% bonus on recharge of N100 and above. What this means is that whenever you buy and load a recharge card worth N1OO or buy airtime VTU, you stand a chance of getting 200% of the amount you recharge (if you load N100 For example, you get N200 and N100).
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10 Most expensive phones in the world

iphone 4
I am here again, would like to use this opportunity to thank those who have been reading my post on "iPhone and Android, which is best and why"?, i would also like to say thanks to those who took their time to comment on my other posts about wi-fi and my other post on how to download and store android app on a pc, May God bless you all.

So why am i here today? well, i just want to talk about phones and their worth. Everybody believes his/her phone is the most recent and most expensive among other phones in the mobile market especially those who are lucky enough to lay hands on iPhone 6 and the latest samsung galaxy series, well, you guys have the best but definitely not the most expensive because there are expensive phones that you've never heard about that i am going to be writing about here.

I am going to write from the most expensive to the least expensive so i wanna beg you to take your time as you read through this post.
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What you should expect from iPad Mini 4

Multiple recent leaks have indicated that Apple is working on a major new version of the iPad mini. You can expect a more powerful, thinner iPad mini, and it will let you take advantage of all the latest features in iOS 9.

Macotakara and @OnLeaks revealed that the iPad mini 4 will look like a smaller iPad Air 2. Of course, many called the iPad Air a bigger iPad mini, but the current iPad mini 3 is still a bit thicker than the iPad Air 2.
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Iphone and Android: Which is better and why?

Every body wants to lay hand on the latest product running on android Os, Others are so crazy about Apple's iPhones but none of these users have ever taken the time to review these products, provide a score sheet in order to know which is really worth the cash. This post will help clear the air since some persons feel they are the reigning phone owners simply because they have the iPhone, while others feel on top of the world because they own one of Samsung's latest galaxy series products.

So, after reading this post, i hope you can still love your device the way you used to because you are going to see the areas where you device is weaker or stronger than the other one.

I will use 15 headings to judge these devices and so, i beg your indulgence and patience as i unfold these.


The iPhone's TouchID fingerprint sensor makes bypassing the annoying lock screen a breeze. Some Android phones have similar feature. Other Android phones have a "smart lock" tool that uses face recognition or location to bypass the lock screen, but it's a less secure option, so iPhone has the sticker for a start.
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Nokia plans to come back to Phone production

World's former biggest and best mobile phone maker, Nokia has commenced hiring of software experts, testing new products and seeking sales partners as it plots to return to its space in the mobile phone and consumer tech arena it abandoned a long time ago.

The Finnish firm was wrong footed by the rise of SmartPhones and eclipsed by the maker of iPhone 6, apple and Samsung. Nokia sold its handset business to Microsoft in the late parts of 2013 (i just cant forget how much i cried that day) and has since focused squarely on making telecoms network equipments and gadgets.
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Craziest Ways to Protect Your SmartPhone

 This may seem crazy but i think a phone of almost a thousand dollars is worth it and that's why i am making this post. Take it or leave it, the most annoying thing is having friends call and say all sort of trash because someone somewhere stole your smartphone and managed to get access to your social network accounts thereby posting some rubbish over facebook and twitter.

So i am going to talk about a few crazy ways to beef up the security of your iphone and other sophisticated smartphones especially those running the latest versions of Android.
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How to Unlock iPhone 4 Digit Lock Code

Perhaps you are so used that you finally forgot the 4 digit code you used to protect your iphone, or maybe  a friend out of curiosity to pry into your privacy, continuously entered a wrong code onto your iphone and now it is totally locked that you are denied access even if you entered the real code and now, you find yourself sweating because you do not know where to begin....

The problem is "how can i unlock the 4 digit code"

1.Disconnect the USB cable from the iPhone, leave the other end connected to your Mac/PC
2.Launch iTunes
3.Press and hold the Home and Power button on the top of the iPhone to turn off the device

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For some months now, the question on the lips of any teller you meet in every bank in Nigeria has always been "where is your bank verification number? this they ask even though they know you have no time to answer that at that point in time.

so the reason for this post is to make us all understand the importance of the Bank verification number as introduced by the central bank of Nigeria (CBN) and these are listed below:
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Globacom Unveils A New Dance Competition

. (L-R): Dance instructor and PSquare's Choreographer, Flexx; Peter of PSquare; Host of ‘Dance with Peter’  Ehis Okoegule,  and Guinness Book of Records longest dancer, Kaffy,  at the unveil of a new Reality TV show, Dance with Peter, sponsored by Globacom.   
Peter Okoye of P-Square on white snickers

One of Nigeria's telecoms giant, Globacom has announced her support for a TV Reality show aimed at raising the entertainment Vibe in Africa.

The 13-week show tagged "Dance with Peter". a dancing competition organised in collaboration with Africa's dance icon, Peter Okoye of the P-Square, is set to change the face of entertainment accross the continent and promote the dance culture accross africa.

During the unveiling show at the Atrium, Silverbird Gallaria, Lagos, On Saturday, Globacom said that "dance with peter" would promote the dance culture among west africans and assist those who may want to go into the dance profession to pursue their choice of dream.
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Promotional data on Verizon Wireless and How to Get it

I am trying to venture into international boundaries and i hope i will not get sanctions like #iraq and #iran. LMAO

So, today, i want to talk about promos and everything you'll need to know about promos and i will be talking on VERIZON promos on this post. So i pray you for your Time and attention.

Talking about promotional data, everybody wants to benefit from his bills or expenses and because of this, i want all verizon subscribers to benefit from this from this post.

promotional data is data that is automatically added to your data account when you complete an action design to award data. 
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How to Change Your Caller id on Android and Blackberry Phones

Sometimes, it seems like the person we are calling is not interested in picking our call and this can be so annoying especially when there is an urgent issue to discuss.

This is a character that is mostly displayed by ladies when their Boyfriends hurt them. You keep calling and they keep refusing to pick-up and as a result, we may ask for ways through which we can call without them knowing who is actually calling.

I will discuss 2 ways through which this can be achieved.

Restrict your caller identity Such that all the receiver sees is "Restricted Number" Or "Private Number" Or "Unknown caller"

This is done by dialing a special code next to the number you want to call.
simply dial #31#Number and SEND

MEANING.... If you wanted to call a person whose number is 08011121234 without exposing your caller identity, simply dial #31#08011121234, press the dial button and wait till the person picks the call.
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(BREAKING NEWS) Latest BlackBerry Passport Silver Edition hits Amazon for $549

BlackBerry continues to defiantly churn out smartphones despite dwindling sales. The new Silver Edition of the Passport has coincided with the launches of competitors -- using the term somewhat loosely -- like the Moto X Style and OnePlus 2 over the past week or so. Having gone on sale through BlackBerry earlier this week with a bunch of added accessories, Amazon also now has the device up for sale at the same $549 price point. But if you do opt to purchase through the online retail giant, be mindful of the fact that you don't get the bundled goodies valued upwards of $130. 

With a curved, generally more premium finish, the Passport Silver Edition does have an element of charm about it.
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The Importance of Security and Pin Codes on Mobile Devices

Today, i would like to talk about the most important aspect of security as regards to our mobile devices. I may use some names and scenarios in order to be able to make my points understandable to all...

This post will expose you my readers to the various security options on your mobile devices and how important they are, so i beg your indulgence as i slowly unfold these.

When it comes to our mobile devices, talking about phones, tablets, Pcs, And many others, there are options for security and privacy. These however are often ignored by most users and by this act of ignorance, many end up exposing their secret data especially when such devices are stolen or lost in the street to hackers.

Imagine this.....!!!

You own a device lets say an Iphone, which you use for some online business transactions like Paypal, eBay, Amazon and a host of others and all of a sudden, you forgot this device at a shop after shopping for the day or maybe you got rubbed, with the device unlocked or unprotected. Now the fact is that you will be so uncomfortable because there are some data on the device that are so important that if they fall into the wrong hands, you could lose a whole lot.

In order to prevent your data from falling into the wrong hands when you lose your phone, i will like to suggest you follow the options mentioned below. following these options will make it hard for anyone to gain unauthorized access to your data when you lose your device. The worst a thieve can do is to wipe off everything on the phone and by that, your data remains untouched and inaccessible.


Let me start with my SIM cards.
A Sim or service identification module is a very small chip on which our mobile network are installed, it bridges the connection between our mobile phones and the cellular network. The sim also provides storage for some data like Contacts and a host of others. The sim card also helps provide more security to most of our social network accounts since the mobile number can be used to further verify our true identity.

For example, facebook users are at times asked to provide a mobile number through which they can receive their verification code, the mobile number could be used to receive verification code from paypal and master card during registration and as a result of these, leaving the sim card unprotected puts one in a very exposed situation.

The first thing i do in order to provide more security on my sim is that i always enable the pin code request option. This means that once my phone is turned on, it requests for a special code and since i am the only one with it, the thief will have no option but to destroy the sim and by such act my data still remains untapped. This will not be the case if the sim card had no pin code request.

Enabling pin code request keeps your data on the sim and there alone, but in a situation where the sim is unprotected, anyone can keep using the sim for as long as he wants until you walk into a service shop and request for sim lock on the stolen sim.

Secondly, i make sure my phone or tablet are protected also. This i do by making use of one of the security options found on mobile devices which may include:

# Pin lock (found on android devices)
# Pattern (found on android devices)
# Face lock (found on android devices)
# Security code (found on most Nokia devices and other phones like samsung, LG, ETC)
# Touch ID (Found on Iphones)

security lock on Iphone
screen lock on A

Phones with active security code, Touch ID, Pin lock are very secured because without the lock codes, access cannot be granted to unauthorized user. This means your Data remains intact because the thief will have to Format or wipe everything from the phone including your personal data (Passwords, eBay, Amazon, paypal, facebook, twitter, etc).

So by this post, i hope you have learnt the benefits of enabling pin codes and passwords on your mobile devices as they help protect user data from thieves and hackers.

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Mtn Bis Now Blazing On PC

I know for quite sometimes, i have not been able to make posts, actually the truth 
is that all the network providers in Nigeria have become wizards over nights. but anyhow e be, 
warri say "a frog must jump"
so i am here with this post for all MTN blackberry 
users that wishes to enjoy more of their subscription.

All you need do is follow these steps below!!

Firstly you have to subscribe to MTN BIS either of the following plan:

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Best Tv service Provider For Nigeria, Uganda, Kenya, Libya, Ghana

Now i want to talk about TVs because its almost EPL season once again and everyone wants to catch the action live as it happens there in ENgland. 
I am sure some persons watched Chelsea's loss to arsenal On sunday...

I did also watch Manchester defeat Fc Barcelona and so many other games...

Now that Another season is here, What decoders do i install in order to enjoy these wonderful games?, what packages do i subscribe in order to get the best view option? and What Tv services providers do i Patronize?
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MTN BBlited Rocks On Pc with Simple Server

Ever heard of BBlite? 
Its just another daily plan introduced by MTN as a way of helping people enjoy their blackberries for the day. But today, you are going to learn how to download, upload more using the BBlite code.

BBlite is the other versions of BB1MIDD and BBCDAY which costs just 100 and lasts for just a day. Now the fact is that once you are subscribed to BBlite, you just keep downloading without fear of Data exhaustion.

The most interesting part is that you can actually use this to download a lot of files from the internet, website owners can also upload videos, songs on to the internet with this code and that makes it very important for all.

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Unlimited Whatsapp on Airtel

As a Nigerian, i could say that the most reason why everybody wants to own a smart Phone is "connectivity and information", and for these, a lot of people are actually spending huge part of their allowance just to stay in touch with friends, colleagues, classmates and vibes from social networks like #Facebook, #twitter, #Instagram and many others.

Talking about connectivity, i want to talk about how you can enjoy unlimited #whatsapp package with a little amount. What this means is that you can share pictures, files, documents and many more on whatsapp for the month with just a little amount of money.

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