Best Tv service Provider For Nigeria, Uganda, Kenya, Libya, Ghana

Now i want to talk about TVs because its almost EPL season once again and everyone wants to catch the action live as it happens there in ENgland. 
I am sure some persons watched Chelsea's loss to arsenal On sunday...

I did also watch Manchester defeat Fc Barcelona and so many other games...

Now that Another season is here, What decoders do i install in order to enjoy these wonderful games?, what packages do i subscribe in order to get the best view option? and What Tv services providers do i Patronize?

If you are in Ngeria and other west african countries, i would Like to tell you One tv service providers that will not offer EPL games live and the name is MYtv OR sTROng. This service provider has never been able to offer live games as far as Epl is concerned and for this reason, you may not need to subscribe to her services in hope to watch live games.

SO for the games, you can get any of the following decoders:

1. Dstv (offers live games on super sport channels, blitz, etc)
2. trendTv (provides live EPL games on supersports 1)
3. ctl...
4. Startimes

I am going to talk more on startimes Based on packages and cost, because its the most used here in my Area.

AS a  startimes subscriber, you can subscribe to any of the following packages:

#1 NOVA (Click on Nova to see cost and available channels)
#2 BASIC BOUQUET (Click on Basic bouquet to see cost and available channels)
#3 CLASSIC BOUQUET (Click on Classic bouquet to see cost and available channels)
#4 UNIQUE BOUQUET (Click on Unique bouquet to see cost and available channels)

I love startimes' Unique bouquet because everything you'd ever need is just at your finger tip...

However, lovers of filipino telenovela programs can install Mytv for unlimited access to the latest filipino telenovelas. MYtv also offers viewing services for MBC2, MBC3, MBC4, MBC DRAMA, MBC ACTION, MBC + POWER, CNN, BBC, TVC NEWS, Aljazeera, Presstv, France 24, and many more.....

Now i guess you have a choice to make.

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