Craziest Ways to Protect Your SmartPhone

 This may seem crazy but i think a phone of almost a thousand dollars is worth it and that's why i am making this post. Take it or leave it, the most annoying thing is having friends call and say all sort of trash because someone somewhere stole your smartphone and managed to get access to your social network accounts thereby posting some rubbish over facebook and twitter.

So i am going to talk about a few crazy ways to beef up the security of your iphone and other sophisticated smartphones especially those running the latest versions of Android.

1. Use your Nipple instead of your finger print: This will surely drive the thief crazy, even those that would stop at nothing to invade your privacy at home. Yes! all they know is that you can lock your iphone with a finger print or a pattern or a security code or passcode as you may call it. But they will be frustrated to learn that none of these works on the device especially when they try doing these while you're fast asleep. Just take the TouchID sensor close to your chest and make a contact with your nipple, it may arouse the ladies, but its worth it.

2. Use your face to beef security on your SmartPhone: Its your face right? set it up to use your face on a certain spot that you alone knows, By this, no one wil ever have access to your phone unless they want to permanently lock the phone when they exceed the maximum number of trials.

Well, i cant stop laughing at the first option but someone actually did that in japan and it worked really Good.

New ways will be developed as time goes on, so keep a date with Headof's Blog

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