How to Know Who Called You When Your Line Was Switched Off

This is for MTN subscribers who actually need all the calls they can get for the smooth operation of their business.

Sometimes because of power and Nepa Problems, our phone battery ends up dead, leaving our callers and clients in the dark, We become to restless because we know our customers will be dialing our numbers to place orders which would actually not get to us simply because our Office mobile number is dead since there is no electricity to charge the batteries.

At other times, customers may not reach you because you lost your sim or were not in a network area and this is the reason for this post.


This is only possible to MTN customers who have "call alert service" Activated on their lines.

With MTN call alert service, you can:

Keep track of your missed calls.
Be informed when a number you could not reach becomes available on the network.It works even while you’re abroad.

All you'll need to do is Simply text "set 01" to 100. If the activation is successful, you will receive a text like this "Y’ello! 0703xxxxxxx request to activate Who Called with Notify Me service was successful. Thank you"

To check if the service is already activated on your line, simply text "status" to 100, and to cancel this service, simply text the word DELETE to 100.

Please note that you will only receive these notifications if:
#  If you have activated MTN Who Called service on your mobile number, you will receive an SMS message in the following conditions:
# When your phone is switched off or out of coverage area.
# When there are network issues leading to your number being unreachable
# When a number you attempted to call becomes available on the MTN network.
The service actually cost nothing.

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