How to Track a Stolen or Lost iPhone, iPad Device

If you are an iPhone owner, you have probably gotten used to the device that you feel like your happiness is tied around it, apart from this, you feel secured especially when you have the TouchID feature switched on on the device along with the fingerprint sensor.

So what if you went to spend time with a friend at a shop and maybe you ran off to attend to someone somewhere and in the process, you forgot your prescious iphone 6,5, 4 or even an ipad? This would be so traumatizing right? definitely true. 

So now the question is, how can i track my lost iPhone?
How can i configure my iPhone in order to make it trackable when it gets missing?
what is the use of the "Find my phone" feature on iPhone 6?

I am going to give answer to the questions above in a few paragraph

You can find your iPhone or track it with the find my phone feature on the device, all you need do is always make sure it is switched on at all times and here on this post, i am going to tell us how it can be used to track a lost phone.

The first thing you would need to do is sign-in to on any mac or pc that is connected to the internet or use Find my #iPhone app on another iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. Now the next step is to tap on "find my phone" and select a device to view its location on a map. The interesting part is that if the lost device is nearby, you could command it to play a sound in order to help you locate it or have someone return it to you right away. 

Another thing you could do in order to secure the personal data on the phone is to remotely lock the device using "Lost Mode" with your four-digit Passcode, display a custom message with a contact number through which you could be reached on your missing device's lock screen and keep track of your device's location. If you had credit or debit Paypal details on the device, these will be unavailable once you remotely put the device on lost mode.
The next thing you could do is to locate the nearest law enforcement office or police station to report your missing phone and this you can do with your serial number which is written on the original box or receipt.

The last thing you could do is Erase your data remotely in order to prevent anyone from gaining access to your credit/debit card details on the device especially those who has apple pay activated on their device. But the truth is that once you remotely erase the data on the device, then using the "find my phone" feature can no longer be used to track the phone.

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