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adsense alternative

Today is surely going to be a very good day because the thing i have spent years looking for has been right under my own laptop without my knowledge and today that i have found it, i want everybody to have a share too.

Yes, as a blogger or site owner, it would always be a dream to be able to claim some dollars from someone at the end of the month and the target is no other but the Richest internet advert company called "ADSENSE". Adsense is the most reliable ad server which provides platform for bloggers and website owners to earn by displaying targeted ads on their site.

However, being a generous employer, Adsense had a lot of publishers and had a lot of Cheques to issue on a monthly basis but some of these publishers started to abuse the generosity for their selfish gain and so they became strict when it comes to approving applications from intending publishers from around the Globe. 

This is why if you are a blogger or website owner and have tried to apply for adsense, your first application always gets rejected. And sometimes, even when you try harder, the rejection gets tougher and tougher and inmost cases, you give up the interest but now that you have stumbled upon this, worry less about adsense because it was never the only way to make money on your website.

Permit me to introduce you to the latest online advert company who pays by displaying ads on your web page. The company is called revenuehits, and i can tell you that registration takes only a few seconds and approval is instant. 

The company pays through Paypal or bank deposit and anybody from any part of the world is eligible provided you have a website or a blog on which you can paste special ad codes.

To join this company, simply register by clicking on this link, fill in your data along with your web address or blogspot link and you are done.

The next step is choosing your ad link followed by copying the adcodes and pasting same on your blog.

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