MTN Network Issues And How to Solve Them

Recharge issues on MTN
 Today i want to provide an answer to some of the problems faced by most MTN subscribers here in Nigeria especially as it is the rainy season where Network providers face some challenges with coverage.

It is observed that sometimes when you would want to recharge your phone, you dial in the right codes and enter the pin just as it is written on the Recharge card you bought, but seconds later, you Get an error message.

At other times, customers would dial *606# in order to Borrow some airtime from MTN which they would like to repay at a later time only to have their request declined by the network.

Now there is a few simple steps to solving these problems and these i will list below in order to lessen the headache suffered by us all.

RECHARGE ISSUES: Customers who find it difficult to load their recharge cards are advised to follow these steps:
1 open the back of your phone and remove the battery from the phone,
2 replace the battery after 3 minutes
3 Turn-On the phone and wait for it to boot properly
4 Re-enter the Pin number of the recharge card
5 Press on the dial or send key to send the command
6 Done...


Android and blackberry users would often find it difficult to download files, songs and documents over the internet despite having a lot of data on your monthly subscription and this can be so frustrating most of the time.
To solve this problem, use the following keys on your Blackberry Device:
press on alt + aA + Del buttons on the blackberry device. This will clear the memory of the device and possibly reset the network and when the phone is well booted, you can continue your surfing.

Android users can gain access to the network by following these steps:
1. locate the SETTINGS icon on your device.
2. Punch on More setting
3. Click on Mobile Networks 
4. click on the NETWORK MODE and downgrade to 2G only
5. try to open a page with the phone on 2G mode and if it does open a page, Restart the phone and when its well booted, repeat steps 1-4 and switch the phone to 3G mode.
6. Done... 
If you did follow the steps described above, you should be connected by now, so happy surfing...

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