Nokia plans to come back to Phone production

World's former biggest and best mobile phone maker, Nokia has commenced hiring of software experts, testing new products and seeking sales partners as it plots to return to its space in the mobile phone and consumer tech arena it abandoned a long time ago.

The Finnish firm was wrong footed by the rise of SmartPhones and eclipsed by the maker of iPhone 6, apple and Samsung. Nokia sold its handset business to Microsoft in the late parts of 2013 (i just cant forget how much i cried that day) and has since focused squarely on making telecoms network equipments and gadgets.

The plot to come back was initiated by Rajeev Suri and he must wait for the expiration of the business deal with Microsoft in 2016 before he can re-enter the mobile phone business.

The company has already dived into the consumer market, it has launched an android tablet, The Nokia N1 which went on sale in January in china after which it unveiled a "Virtual-reality camera"

It has also launched and android app called Z launcher which helps organize content on smartphones. Meanwhile its technologies division has advertised on LinkedIn dozens of jobs in California, many in product development, including Android engineers specializing in the operating software Nokia mobile devices will use.

Nokia had also planned to lay off about 70 people at the division, according to a May announcement, but a company source told Reuters that the figure had since been halved.

Well, i just hope Nokia still has the long lasting batteries and the best Camera as they formally did especially the ones found in Lumia 1020 and other interesting mobile products

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