The Dangers of Authorizing Apps with your Facebook Account

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Following the release of several apps Like Online games,  Facebook users often find themselves Authorizing the use of their Facebook account on these apps. But some do not even know what authorization of an app actually means and this is why i am making this post.

I myself, authorized Candy Crush on my Facebook and as a result, i have all my activities on candy crush posted directly to Facebook each and every time i use the app. 

And now, i want you all to understand the dangers involved in authorization of apps with your Facebook account and why you must periodically review these apps you've authorize and Un-authorize some that you do not feel comfortable with.

When you authorize an app with to your Facebook account, you willingly gave the app the authority to do so many things to your Facebook profile and these things include:

1 Access to your Timewall
2 Access to your Password
3 Access to make posts on your behalf

facebook authorization confirmation

Now i want to talk about the dangers of allowing apps a full access to your Facebook account.

As you know, there are a lot of people on Facebook, record has it that Facebook has over 500 million users around the Globe and from my bible i understood that even among the twelve disciples of Jesus, there was a betrayer (Judas). So, among the 500 million Facebook users, there must be a thousand thieves, criminals and hackers who would want to have access to your timeline for their own selfish gain. The things these humans could do on your timeline may include, posting nude photos or pornographic video links, pictures to your timeline thereby sending a wrong image of you to your friends or anyone who could see such links at the time they are posted.

Another thing they could do with the access is to manipulate your friends to do so many things thinking you are the one they're communicating with.

Another thing these persons could do is try to obtain some useful data about you like your address, email address, phone number and other important details and they could use any of these against you.

So i would like you to simply have a review of the many apps you've authorized with your Facebook account and note the ones with cunny names and take them off your Facebook by simply removing them.

Another way you can remove their access to your account is by regularly changing your Facebook password. After such changes, you should click on "log me out on other places" in order to remove those apps or pages.

Don't forget that the world is a global village and as such, everything is almost like they are in one place just with the press of a button.

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