The Importance of Security and Pin Codes on Mobile Devices

Today, i would like to talk about the most important aspect of security as regards to our mobile devices. I may use some names and scenarios in order to be able to make my points understandable to all...

This post will expose you my readers to the various security options on your mobile devices and how important they are, so i beg your indulgence as i slowly unfold these.

When it comes to our mobile devices, talking about phones, tablets, Pcs, And many others, there are options for security and privacy. These however are often ignored by most users and by this act of ignorance, many end up exposing their secret data especially when such devices are stolen or lost in the street to hackers.

Imagine this.....!!!

You own a device lets say an Iphone, which you use for some online business transactions like Paypal, eBay, Amazon and a host of others and all of a sudden, you forgot this device at a shop after shopping for the day or maybe you got rubbed, with the device unlocked or unprotected. Now the fact is that you will be so uncomfortable because there are some data on the device that are so important that if they fall into the wrong hands, you could lose a whole lot.

In order to prevent your data from falling into the wrong hands when you lose your phone, i will like to suggest you follow the options mentioned below. following these options will make it hard for anyone to gain unauthorized access to your data when you lose your device. The worst a thieve can do is to wipe off everything on the phone and by that, your data remains untouched and inaccessible.


Let me start with my SIM cards.
A Sim or service identification module is a very small chip on which our mobile network are installed, it bridges the connection between our mobile phones and the cellular network. The sim also provides storage for some data like Contacts and a host of others. The sim card also helps provide more security to most of our social network accounts since the mobile number can be used to further verify our true identity.

For example, facebook users are at times asked to provide a mobile number through which they can receive their verification code, the mobile number could be used to receive verification code from paypal and master card during registration and as a result of these, leaving the sim card unprotected puts one in a very exposed situation.

The first thing i do in order to provide more security on my sim is that i always enable the pin code request option. This means that once my phone is turned on, it requests for a special code and since i am the only one with it, the thief will have no option but to destroy the sim and by such act my data still remains untapped. This will not be the case if the sim card had no pin code request.

Enabling pin code request keeps your data on the sim and there alone, but in a situation where the sim is unprotected, anyone can keep using the sim for as long as he wants until you walk into a service shop and request for sim lock on the stolen sim.

Secondly, i make sure my phone or tablet are protected also. This i do by making use of one of the security options found on mobile devices which may include:

# Pin lock (found on android devices)
# Pattern (found on android devices)
# Face lock (found on android devices)
# Security code (found on most Nokia devices and other phones like samsung, LG, ETC)
# Touch ID (Found on Iphones)

security lock on Iphone
screen lock on A

Phones with active security code, Touch ID, Pin lock are very secured because without the lock codes, access cannot be granted to unauthorized user. This means your Data remains intact because the thief will have to Format or wipe everything from the phone including your personal data (Passwords, eBay, Amazon, paypal, facebook, twitter, etc).

So by this post, i hope you have learnt the benefits of enabling pin codes and passwords on your mobile devices as they help protect user data from thieves and hackers.

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