How to Download From Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, Tumblr and Flikr Without Software

One day i was so pissed when a colleague seriously pulled a hot one on me, was so angry i felt like breaking someone's spine. some how along the line i grabbed my phone and logged on to my instagram account and kept liking and commenting to a few posts i saw. suddenly i stumbled upon a video i loved so much, it was about how to download videos from youtube, i read the entire post and found it quite interesting but later on, i realized it was less a powerful post because it only showed how to download videos from youtube only.
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This HTC One A6 Looks Exactly Like iPhone 6S

I guess the device you're now looking at is not strange at all right? especially as it has the appearance of the most Powerful smartphone in the world. It sure looks like the most anticipated mobile device for everyone that could afford it. But wait, something isn't just right, it looks just like an iPhone 6, or samsung galaxy, but its still lacking in some areas.

You're just looking at the latest HTC One A6, a dead -ringer for the iphone 6S in almost every way except for its price tag. HTC One A6 actually cost about $400 and that's a whole $200 difference from the price of Iphone 6S.

HTC said it was a coincidence that the new One A9 follows the same design guidelines that the iPhone (and to a large degree the Samsung Galaxy S6) hold to.
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Play Station 4 Price Cut Will Shock You Out

Play Station 4 price
This would definitely mean a lot to those who has been waiting for a drop in prices in order to get a console for their kids especially as play station has suddenly decided to cut down on the price of a P.S 4 console.

The price cuts is as a result of the fact the the most anticipated Uncharted 4 is not coming out till next year #2016 and so #PlayStation has Nothing to offer in the competitive market.

However, in its battle with Microsoft and Xbox One, the company does have one more fallback to stay competitive: price-cuts.
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Sales Of Ozoro Poly 2017/2018 Direct Entry Forms Commences

Than you all for your calls and inquiries about Delta state polytechnic, Ozoro. I am sure by now, your names are on the way to the Notice board.

I must use this medium to tell those that were not opportune to write the 2017/2018 Jamb and Post UTME That there is still a chance to make it to a Polytechnic, even though there seems to be no hope for an admission into the university.
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How to Swap an Old Phone For A New One With MTN Trade-In Service

MTN trade-in service
I know many of us are tired of our old smartphones and would love to have the latest brands on our hands. True, but at times, the prices of these latest smartphones are more like turn-offs for us.

This surely wouldn't be a problem after reading this post. Yes! the truth is that you can now exchange that old smartphone to a new one. Yes it is possible especially with MTN's new partnership with Matrix on MTN Trade-In Services.

You can now exchange that Old blackberry 9900 to a better android device. The most interesting part is that these smarPhones can be exchanged regardless of where you must have bought them.
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