How to Download From Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, Tumblr and Flikr Without Software

One day i was so pissed when a colleague seriously pulled a hot one on me, was so angry i felt like breaking someone's spine. some how along the line i grabbed my phone and logged on to my instagram account and kept liking and commenting to a few posts i saw. suddenly i stumbled upon a video i loved so much, it was about how to download videos from youtube, i read the entire post and found it quite interesting but later on, i realized it was less a powerful post because it only showed how to download videos from youtube only.

So i kept wondering, how then can one download videos from other websites like facebook, instagramvine tumblr, vevo, flikr and twitter.

I know you may have wondered about that too especially the ladies who are so interested in make-ups and would spend hours on instagram channels looking for good videos on make up. The only shame is that they cannot save or download such interesting videos.

This headache is over as i now unfold the best way to download a video from any of the sources mentioned above.

All you'll need do is follow the steps below:
1. Locate the video you're interested in,
2. Obtain the link to the video
3. Copy out the link

5. On, select the source of the video which could be any of the ones you can see above, now paste the link and click on "DREDOWN"

6. Wait for the new download link to display.
7. Click on Download as Mp4 video.

8. Now watch your downloader as it brings the video you so love down to your phone, laptop, iPad or iPhone.

The most interesting part is that you can do this on your android, symbian, and other platforms. Now you can share with your friends to help someone somewhere.

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