These wrist watches are more expensive than your Ferrari, G-Wagon

Let’s be realistic here, the economy is in the crapper and your 401k looks about as arousing as you do after a cold shower. What’s a Burgundy drinking, ‘stache rocking, web surfing Internet denizen like you to do? Diversify your skill set by ogling watches you’ll never be able to afford and learning what makes them tick.
Most of these watches are more complicated than college calculus and have more history than you could learn in a lifetime. You might even need an engineering degree and an instructional tome to figure out how they work.  Regardless, all these watches (for one reason or another) are ridiculously cool and absurdly expensive. Sell the Ferrari, liquidate the stocks, and pick up one of these bad-ass timekeeping devices.


1.The Patek Caliber 89 – $5,120,000

Buying this watch would require selling 3.5 Bugatti Veyrons, which happens to be 70% of the total number they sold in 2005. The closest most of us will ever get to a Veyron is drooling over it on Top Gear. It’s all about perspective here people.  Three Veyrons.
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How to Check Bundle Balance on Glo and MTN

As a an MTN or Glo blackberry subscriber, there are at times when you'd want to check the available data left on your subscription only to receive an error message Like " ESME NOT REACHABLE"
This could be so annoying especially when you want to know how many megabyte you have used out of your allocated bundle.
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How to Use MTN BBLITED On Android Phones With Unlimited Downloads

Simple server has indeed been the most important software for Nigerian internet users especially as the cost of data subscription has been on the hike since the launch of Android devices which depends on a large volume of data for optimum enjoyment.

On my previous posts, you learned how to download and run simple server on A PC which is common to only PC users and this is why today's post will be directed to android users.
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Meet the Latest LG V10 Android Phone

lg v10
On my last Review, i talked about HTC ONE A6 Which looks exactly like iPhone 6s and these were so much of interest to my viewers as they kept coming back to headof's blog to read more.

Today, i want to talk about the latest LG mobile phone which was released into the smartphone market this October.

It is called LG V10, A device that has been set to feature in Korean smartPhone market very soon.
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A Link you can never share on facebook and why

facebook and
Users has observed that an attempt to mention or share on facebook or instagram or even in private message will not work. A status update with link will not be successful. Now the question often asked is why?

The truth is that facebook is blocking any link to on every platform it owns, including Messenger and Instagram. It even went back and deleted more than 1 million Facebook posts that ever mentioned, making pictures, videos and comments disappear in an instant.

You can type the name "Tsu," but you'll be blocked if you write "" or post any link from the site.
Facebook claims Tsu links are spam that are annoying the community. Tsu thinks Facebook is a bully trying to kill off competition.
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How to Reduce Cultism In Nigerian Schools

reduce Cultism

Reducing cultism in Our country Nigeria, Reducing cultism in Nigerian Universities and every other country in the world is possible. This however, depends on the willingness and the ability of the key players to contribute their parts towards achieving this. The Key players however includes the government, parents, churches, University Authorities and Students.
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Apple Music For Android Available on Google Play Store

apple music on android
apple music on LG Device

This will definitely interest Android users especially as what they so admired about Apple's iPhone (Apple Music) has now been made available for them on android.

The new Android app is free to all interested android users on Google Play Store from today and users would be allowed to make a 3 month trial period just as iPhone users were formerly allowed to after which they get to decide whether to pay the usual $10 monthly subscription fee or ignore it.
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How to get 3GIG on Glo For Free With Extra 2K for Calls

I know you are still enjoying your Glo blackberry plans on your android devices after changing the Imel number of the android device to that of a blackberry. This has been on top of my page views for over 6 months and i must say a very big thanks to for your regular visits.

Today, i am still going to talk on browsing or surfing the internet with Glo N1000 Subscription which offers you over 3 Gigabytes to be shared with other devices. But this time, i am going to make it seem like you are going to be doing this without spending a dime for it.

The truth is that you actually get a N2000 calling credit with which you can call and text your friends on any other mobile network in Nigeria.
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Meet Dimitri Hatzis, World's Youngest Robot Maker of the Year

 Bot maker Dimitri Hatzis,
History was indeed changed today especially as a 15-year-old boy stunned the world of technology with his tech-savvy intuition as he launches his own robot at a mere age 15.

Inspired by the 2011 sci-fi film Real Steel starring Hugh Jackman, Greek teenager Dimitris Hatzis has become the youngest person in the world to build a 3D printed life-size functional robot.
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