How to get 3GIG on Glo For Free With Extra 2K for Calls

I know you are still enjoying your Glo blackberry plans on your android devices after changing the Imel number of the android device to that of a blackberry. This has been on top of my page views for over 6 months and i must say a very big thanks to for your regular visits.

Today, i am still going to talk on browsing or surfing the internet with Glo N1000 Subscription which offers you over 3 Gigabytes to be shared with other devices. But this time, i am going to make it seem like you are going to be doing this without spending a dime for it.

The truth is that you actually get a N2000 calling credit with which you can call and text your friends on any other mobile network in Nigeria.

Here are the steps to achieving this:

I believe your device is currently configured with a blackberry IMEL number, if yes, then you can follow the steps without this tutorial on  how to change Android Imel to blackberry Imel number here.

Now, follow these steps:
walk into a wholesale shop and request for Glo recharge card (request for half a pack of Glo N200 recharge cards). This would cost about N940 (you get a N60 change)

scratch off the silver panel and dial the codes into your phone using *123*PIN#

the truth is that for every N200 card you load, you get a N400 extra, meaning that by the time you load all 5 cards, you will get N2,000 on your Bumpa Bonus account.

Dial #124# and press 1 and send key to display how much you have on your main Account.

Scroll to "Messaging" on your android device and type "Comonth" and send this to "777"

You will get a message saying "your blackberry subscription has been activated"

This simply means you just got yourself a whooping 3Gigabytes with (zero) Naira because you still have N2,000 on your Bumpa Account + N60 change you got from the card seller.

Now you can indeed Rule your world On Glo Bumpa and enjoy the fastest internet speed all over the country.

You can also contact admin incase you encounter any problem in the procedures above.

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