Apple Music For Android Available on Google Play Store

apple music on android
apple music on LG Device

This will definitely interest Android users especially as what they so admired about Apple's iPhone (Apple Music) has now been made available for them on android.

The new Android app is free to all interested android users on Google Play Store from today and users would be allowed to make a 3 month trial period just as iPhone users were formerly allowed to after which they get to decide whether to pay the usual $10 monthly subscription fee or ignore it.

Apple's CEO, Tim Cook in an interview mentioned the company's music service currently boasts of over 6 million active paying customers with over 8 million users on trial period. Apple music service as you would agree competes with google play music but it appears google intentionally wants Android users to have the apple music option.

For Apple, launching an Android app is a bit of a no-brainer. Android is the most popular mobile operating system in the world and represents an opportunity for Apple to dramatically increase the subscriber count for its music service which would also increase interest on apple devices.

Apple needs its new music-streaming service on Android in the same way it needed iTunes on Windows PCs. There is too much profit to be made, and too many cross-platform competitors such as Spotify. The truth is that, No matter how expensive apple is, it can never do without Android. 

People Now have Reasons to believe that Android is really better than Apple with the reason being that Apple keeps trying to make its products to have a resemblance with the android

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