How to Reduce Cultism In Nigerian Schools

reduce Cultism

Reducing cultism in Our country Nigeria, Reducing cultism in Nigerian Universities and every other country in the world is possible. This however, depends on the willingness and the ability of the key players to contribute their parts towards achieving this. The Key players however includes the government, parents, churches, University Authorities and Students.
Their Roles as agents of Good things for the society is highlighted below:

(A) The government: our government has to be responsible. Corruption starts from the top and pollute the bottom. Our government should take serious interest in education and fund the universities more. It is due to poverty that some female students take to prostitute in order to meet the financial demands of the school. The government should resuscitate facilities like scholarships, bursaries, so that these young people concentrate in their studies and will have no opportunity to include of in cultism.

(B) Parents: Parents have a very big part to play inculcating morality in their children because cultists exists in secondary school, successful parenting requires courage and parent should be close to their children.

(C) Church: The churches also have their role to play. They should organize programs to sensitize children about the evils of cultism. They should also preach about cultism from the pulpit.

(D) The University Authorities: In order to eliminate Cultism in Nigerian Schools, the University authorities should desist from various abuses through various inconsistent policies which often lead students to think of protecting their interest with what ever means at their disposal including cult activities.

(E) The Student: Students too should note that it is hard work before pleasure and face their studies with all concentration, let them preoccupy themselves in religious activities or programs such as Christian Association on Campus where they can grow spiritually, so that they will not succumb to peer pressure.

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