Glo Blackberry Subscription Codes for Q10, Z10.Z3.Z30.bOLD 5

I know a lot of my friends would love to know more things about how to still continue to surf with MTN SimpleServer which has been blocked by MTN for sometime now. The truth is that more effort has been made to reinstate simpleserver for everyone but MTN is rather too strict this time.

On this post, i want to talk about the latest Blackberry subscription codes for Glo users....
As you know, blackberry internet plans on Glo are the best so far especially since users are able to use same on their android devices after tweaking the IMEL number.

Glo subscribers are also able to tether their Blackberry 10 hotspots to their laptops, iPads and other devices and enjoy fast internet access. 

Here is a list of Codes you may need when intending to subscribe for Blackberry internet services and the amount along with the volume of data allocated.

Here are the codes for Standard Blackberry Plans


Those using blackberry 10 devices like Q5,Q10,Z10,Z30,Z3, etc should use the codes below


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