How to Unlock Nexus 6P bOOTloaDER

Your new Nexus 6P originates from the production line with a bolted bootloader. While opening it is paltry, it's imperative to recollect that an opened bootloader is extremely unsecure, and makes your own information more helpless if somebody get your telephone in their grasp. In case you're not the sort of individual who needs to blaze ROMs or framework pictures or the like, it's most likely best to abandon it bolted. That is for you to choose. 

Should you choose to open your bootloader, recollect that doing as such will eradicate all the client information on your telephone and return it to the out-of-box state. Still with us? Cool. Here's the manner by which to do it.
You'll require a working establishment of fastboot on your PC. Yes, you require a PC to open the bootloader. We prescribe that you introduce the Android SDK and the official Google USB driver in case you're utilizing Windows, however there are toolboxs and packs accessible in the event that you'd rather go that way. You'll discover more data about that in the discussions. We're going to run with the reason that you've downloaded and introduced the Android SDK for your processing stage, and any required drivers for Windows PCs. 

Next, you'll require a suitable link. For this situation, suitable means one end should be USB Type-A to connect to your PC, and alternate should be USB Type-C to connect to your telephone. For the Nexus 6P, we prescribe you utilize the one that came in the container. 

Presently you have to give authorization for the bootloader to be opened. What's more, to make things simple, empower USB troubleshooting on your telephone. Go to settings, About telephone and discover the passage named construct number. Tap it five times, read the pop up letting you know that you're a designer now, then retreat to the primary settings page. Close to the base, you'll see another passage marked Developer alternatives. Tap it to get in there, and flip the change to permit OEM opening, then empower USB troubleshooting. 

Presently interface every one of the things together, and flame up the summon line on your Windows PC or a terminal project on your Mac or Linux PC. Ensure your telephone is opened and the screen is on, on the grounds that you'll be requested that approve the PC and give it consents to speak with your Nexus 6P over a wire. Once that is done and sorted, it's a great opportunity to do some writing. 

On your PC, at the summon brief sort: 

adb gadgets 

In the case of everything is great, you'll see the telephone's serial number in your summon line window. If not, you most likely have a PATH issue. See the instructional exercise about setting up the SDK for help in case you're utilizing a full SDK establishment, or ask in the engineers bolster string in case you're utilizing some kind of toolbox. As a workaround, you can explore to the organizer with the adb and fastboot executable documents and work from that point. In the event that you do this on a Mac or Linux PC, recall your spot and slice: "./adb gadgets" for instance. 

When you have things sorted, it's an ideal opportunity to reboot to the bootloader: 

adb reboot-bootloader 

When you get to this stage, you should use fastboot to convey rather than adb. In case you're working out of the envelope where the fastboot summon is found, recall that speck and slice in case you're utilizing a Mac or Linux PC. Attempt this order to check whether everything is working: 

fastboot device 

See the serial number as we did with the adb summon? Provided that this is true, you're ready. If not, you have to investigate. In case you're utilizing Windows and having issues, odds are it's the driver. Regardless, hit the gatherings and work out why things aren't conveying on the off chance that you have to. 

As of recently, things are the same here as they have dependably been with Nexus telephones. Be that as it may, the charge to really open the bootloader has changed. When you're prepared, at your order line, sort: 

fastboot flashing unlock 

Keep in mind — this will eradicate everything on your telephone and restore it to the way it left the case. 

You'll have to affirm this activity on your telephone's screen, utilizing the volume and force keys. Take after the guidelines on your screen. 

Give it a chance to do it's thing, and when it's set send one more order to make things last: 

fastboot reboot 

After recuperation eradicates everything and you've booted back to Android (at the gadget setup screen) you can unplug your link and utilize your telephone ordinarily. 

On the off chance that you ever choose to relock your bootloader, you can do as such with this order: 

fastboot flashing lock

Remember that things would be erased once more anytime you would want to unlock your Bootloader


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