Apple Officially Releases Its iOS 9.3 Beta Night Shift, Touch ID Notes, and 3D Touch

Apple has officially released its second iOS 9.3 beta version ahead before the big feature update’s final release. The mentioned release follows its first preview of iOS 9.3 for developers, beta testers, and 1.1 update that includes installation fix.
iOS 9.3 beta includes some changes and added new feature including a new feature called Night Shift, Touch ID and secure passwords for Notes, new 3D Touch Quick Actions and peek and pop gestures for iPhone 6s users, and much more. We’ll check out the latest beta version of the upcoming release and highlight any changes below.

iOS 9.3’s Notes app adds the ability to secure individual notes with one secure password plus Touch ID on compatible iPhones and iPads. Secure notes are only visible on iOS 9.3 and OS X 10.11.4 or later with no compatibility on iCloud on the web yet.
iPhone 6s and 6s Plus users can access additional 3D Touch shortcuts starting with the iOS 9.3 beta as well. Useful new shortcuts include quick access to battery, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and wallpaper options in the Settings app from the Home screen.
For CarPlay users, iOS 9.3 adds up full Apple Music experience with For You and New sections as well as Nearby in Maps. iOS 9.3 also includes a major new education initiative with multi-user support and much more.

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