Direct Comparison Between HTC One A9 VS Apple iPhone 6S

The HTC One A9 device, latest in the line of smartphones released by HTC, has finally dropped and it seems to be all we can talk about. This should be expected as you don’t make a claim to want to replace iPhones and expect to be out of the news. With that settled, it is only natural to want to vet the HTC device for the edge it has over the iPhone device and true to itself, this device really has some story to tell. Below is a list of reasons why we believe that the newly launched HTC One A9 might be better than the Apple iPhone 6S.
HTC One A9 vs Apple iPhone 6S

1. Resolution Display

The Apple iPhone 6S has done well enough to bring us higher resolution displays with its screen having a 750 by 1334 pixels accounting for 326 pixels per inch. This would have been stunning but compared to the 1080 by 1920 provided by HTC, giving you a pixel density of 440 ppi, it gets the lower hand.

2. Launch Price

Although running on different platforms (the Android OS and iOS), HTC One A9 seems to provide the same and even slightly higher specs in some areas than the iPhone 6S and comes at a lower price, although for a while.
HTC One A9 review
While an iPhone 6S 16GB is sold at a full $649, the HTC One A9 32GB variant comes at very less at just $399. That’s a stunning difference there.

3. Device Care

HTC looked to spice things up this year by throwing an Uh-Oh protection into your warranty package, offering to help repair your device in case of screen cracks or water spillage, all within the first 12 months. More on this is that you get $100 off your next HTC device if you fail to use this service.
In contrast, taking care of your device under Apple Care costs $99 for 2 years, and use of this service costs you a further $79

4. Internal Memory / External Storage

It is no more news that the HTC One A9 comes with a 32GB internal storage capability while the iPhone 6S comes at 16GB. That is one edge. With the ability to expand both devices comes another difference. While you would get a 128GB memory card at $80 on Amazon, purchasing an iPhone 6S 128GB costs $200 more than the 16GB variant. That’s way much if you ask me.

5. Fast Charge

Gone are the days when smartphone users cared about the outer specs only. Now that we want to know how long our devices would be available for us in between charges, the HTC One A9 comes with a Fast Charge 2.0 with an upgrade to 3.0 on the way. This means you can now charge really fast especially when your device is really low on juice.
Apple iPhone 6s review
Disappointingly though, the iPhone 6S would take a rather long 150 minutes to go from 0 – 100. Big difference here, and the HTC wins again.

The HTC seems to be on a quest to validate itself as better than the iPhone.

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