Rumour! Blackberry to Release Second Android Device Soon!

BlackBerry Priv handsets has been sold in mobile market few months. But until now it is really hard for us to say about the success or downfall of the device in the mobile market.

As usual, some phone lovers are excited about the new idea of Blackberry keyboard that will be run by android operating system. As usual BlackBerry believes in keyboard designs as its signature product. And rumor again points out that BlackBerry will reveal its second Android handset this coming MWC which will happen next week.

BlackBerry Vienna the name of the rumored device to be revealed by BlackBerry, we have heard this name last November of 2015. As usual the device keyboard is affixed in a permanent manner underneath the 5 inches display.

Other rumor also says that it has 3 gigabyte of device RAM and 18MP camera (those are not confirmed and still no proof till now).

Those statements are still rumors as we never heard them before, but for Vienna, this is real and will be announced sooner. We just have to wait as that future will take place next week during the Mobile World Congress.

source Bestmobs

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